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[LINUX] XBMC & CommandIR without LIRC - routehero - 2011-12-23

I've been using XBMC for only 6 months or so, but I've felt unsatisfied with LIRC.

I have a Logitech 900 remote, and require RF-based remote control, as all of my hardware is in the basement, except for a TV. I run an HDMI cable from the basement to the living room.

I found the 900 RF performance to be underwhelming at best, the device would often lag, need a breather, etc.

I had a very basic MCEUSB device connected to my XBMC box, but trying to get it to irrecord my Denon RC1099 remote was an effort in futility.

I decided to buy a CommandIR and also had issues with irrecord and the RC1099, but the native commandir_tools package had no such issues.

As a result, I built a small script to interface XBMC with commandir_send. This is its first iteration, it works for me and thought I'd share with others in case they had a similar situation. It does not support a Harmony "activity" at the moment, although there is no reason why it could not.



I should mention that I am using a Logitech Mini Controller for control. It is basically a rebranded diNovo Mini, except it uses the Unifying receiver, and is ostensibly targeted for the Logitech Revue/Google TV platform. I am very happy with the performance of this keyboard/mouse combo, and its form factor.

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