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- warlion - 2012-02-17

Hi Tolriq any news of the new theme any preview :p

- Tolriq - 2012-02-17

I'm waiting for the designer :p Even I don't have any picture yet of what is coming Smile

The only news for the moment is that chances are high that the patch needed for the keyboard goes in Xbmc for Eden RC1.

And that i started to test things for the Full remote. Still waiting for ideas of users Smile
Since my use of xbmc is simple i don't use addons or smartplaylist or all those fancy things are may be needed but i'm not aware of.

- warlion - 2012-02-17

If you need a beta tester let me know Smile (for the tablet)

Meaby if you tell us what do you plan to do we can give you extra ideas tell us you todo list. I think you need to open a new thread for the tablet version

- Tolriq - 2012-02-17

I will open a new thread when alpha comes out Smile

I don't like to tease too much when i don't have any idea about when it will be done.

For the moment i planned the basics, browsing all the medias , playlist , now playing , remoting, multiple xbmc support.

- warlion - 2012-02-17

Ok lets says some ideas, the stuff i like to see

Browsing movies
Browsing tv shows (in settings, poster or banners)
Browse music (in settings, on or off)
Browse pictures (in settings, on or off)
Browse files (in settings, on or off)
Open weather (in settings, on or off)
Remote control with a now playing (when playing video show subtitle button on music lyric button)**

Wake on lan (in settings, on or off)
Power off (in settings, on or off)
Chose Themes
Tv guide (open the tv show next aired addon)
Youtube (open youtube addon)
Update library

Last added movies/series

** when i think of subtitle/lyric button is a button that open the music osd or video osd addons

I guess this is thw most used function that i use i know many of this ideas cant be posible but having it wll be sweet :p

- Tolriq - 2012-02-18

Wow that's a list :p You see it's important to talk Smile

For the subs, the ways it's implemented in Yatse is ok for you ?
For the lyrics, i never used that, i'll have to dig a little on how it works Smile

About the virtual keyboard for searches it seems that we'll get it for RC1 that's a good news.


Thanks Montellese for the work on that.

- warlion - 2012-02-18

The subs implemented already is really good, but actually what i meant is a button that open the subtitle plugin to browse for a new one, i know i know that meaby is not posible lol Smile

The keyboard will be amazing lets thank Montellese for his work

There is an option that i really find usefull on the official xbmc control, it had the option to share a link to xbmc
example if you are on youtube addon (android) and open a video you can stream to xbmc host, that will be amazing if you can implement that in the new tablet version and also yatse
Right know i only had the official xbmc control install for this option, i see a lot of stream videos :p

Thanks for you amazing work

- Tolriq - 2012-02-18

You asked for it , you have it :p

Next version will have the send to xbmc function Smile

Can you translate : "Send To Xbmc"

Solisatras if you pass here and can translate too Smile

- warlion - 2012-02-18

My pleasure
Send to xbmc = Enviar a Xbmc


- Tolriq - 2012-02-18


A little preview from the designer, (will have a stop button and keyboard instead of subtitles).

To get some comments / remarks and ideas.

- warlion - 2012-02-18

I like it look really nice

- greyghost - 2012-02-18

Tolriq Wrote:Image

A little preview from the designer, (will have a stop button and keyboard instead of subtitles).

To get some comments / remarks and ideas.

Really like the button icons, some remarks:

- play/pause button (most used) is the smallest of the row
- the white background may be too bright when watching in a darkened room.
- Personally I would prefer not having the conformation button in the middle of the navigation buttons, to prevent accidental pushing, or sufficient space between them (between contact areas)

- solidsatras - 2012-02-19

Tolriq Wrote:Can you translate : "Send To Xbmc"
Solisatras if you pass here and can translate too Smile

Send To Xbmc = Senden an XBMC

You´re welcome

- Tolriq - 2012-02-19

Thanks for translation and feedback on new icons.

Remarks have been forwarded to designer Smile

No timing for new design but I'll surely push a new version with virtual keyboard and send to Xbmc as soon as Eden RC1 is out.

- warlion - 2012-02-19

I hope the rc1 dont take long lol just to try the new version Smile