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RE: XBMC's Piracy Stance: Draft - DarrenHill - 2018-11-21

No problem.

It's an unfortunate situation that once authors release stuff, they have little or no control over it being "harvested" and included in other repos, even against their will. There are several well known "all in one" repos out there which aim to bundle everything they can lay their hands on, both legitimate and banned.

Those are banned themselves due to their containing banned content, but we would never actually ban the legitimate content just because it is included in such collections. It is especially true where the inclusion is against the authors will and wishes, as not all such collections honor requests for removal when made.

RE: XBMC's Piracy Stance: Draft - the_other_guy - 2018-12-01

it will be posible to get any link that includes kodi and piracy taken down in Australia
Content creators will now be able to seek orders to demote or remove search results for infringing sites

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