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RE: Missing Movie Scanner - nickr - 2013-05-28

Well it certainly does if you rename it to .mpeg or .mpg, so I assume so. I will check tonight.

Odp: Missing Movie Scanner - Marx1 - 2013-05-28

You doesn't need to rename anything. Ts container is supported out of the box. I use VDR and it record everything in ts format.
I've added ts to the list and plugin works as expected.

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - null_pointer - 2013-05-28

cool thanks for confirming ts works out of the box, I will add ts to the default included extensions.

Odp: Missing Movie Scanner - Marx1 - 2013-05-29

It would be nice to have possibility to press "i" on found missing movie. That way it could be possible to at once fix and scrape missing movie.

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - null_pointer - 2013-05-29

I cant find a way for bringing up the manual scan interface via a python add-on, it might be possible but I have looked and can not find it.

In my case I don't like to manually rescan and pick a best match, I prefer to rename the movie folder or files to allow the scrape to find the correct movie, this way if I ever need to rescan the whole collection I can and the corrected file name allows a match on the first run. Example, I have found just adding (year) to the name help a lot.

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - nickr - 2013-05-29

Yes I think being able to access the normal file list functions would be cool. Often sample files and the like come up, I am always happy to delete them.

Still the list option now helps to sort these things out.

Odp: Missing Movie Scanner - Marx1 - 2013-05-29

I have two types of files. One type is files I want to have forever, and so I manually scrape them (I use external media manager to have proper graphic, movie sets, rename directory etc). The second type are movies recorder from TV, they are played only once and deleted. I have scrapeing them as easy and automatic as possible, and this plugin much helps me. For example often titles of movies are prefixed with "hit:" or something like this. Simply deleting it during scraping is enough.
Maybe you should ask some advanced skinner if there is a method to do it, or maybe jump to file list?

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - Mickus - 2013-05-29

great add-on dude.Wink
it has been mentioned before, but the ability to edit the movie info from within the add-on would make it almost perfect!

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - 10oB - 2013-05-30

Just installed the add-on. Great idea, but not working in my setup with OpenELEC 3.0.3 yet.

When scanning my NFS-source I keep getting this error message:

Source Path Error
Error walking the source path
{'message':'Invalid params.','code':-32602

No folders or files are processed...

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - null_pointer - 2013-05-31

screen shot or it did not happen hehe :-)

no seriously I need a log, see the first post on how to produce one.

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - 10oB - 2013-05-31

point taken Smile

I'm guessing this is the relevant part in my log.

MOD edit: log spam removed.

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - nickr - 2013-05-31

What part of
Quote:Then upload the log to http://pastebin.com/ post to this thread the pastbin url
is hard to understand.

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - null_pointer - 2013-05-31

I could be doing something wrong when extracting the source data for the path, to see what the add-on is actually doing I need a bit more info, in the add-on options is a log debug setting, turn this on and reproduce the problem the add-on will log extra info to the log file that may help.

chuck the log up on pastbin and PM me the link if you don't want to post it here.

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - rk1664 - 2013-05-31

Same problem as 10oB here, using NFS on XBMC 13 Alpha3.

Log file: http://tny.cz/3f800546

Note that it seems to be looking in the wrong place for the NFS share. The "VideoLibrary.GetSources results:" line has capital letters in the path (as it should), but this is then converted to all lowercase in the lines below.

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - 10oB - 2013-05-31

My NFS source paths also have some capitals in them.

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