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RE: Missing Movie Scanner - Karellen - 2018-12-07


Did you read post 351 & 354 above?? Did you at least scroll the page a bit before posting?

No support available.

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - runawaydevil - 2018-12-07

No, I didn't scroll when I need google translator to understand everything.
Sorry Mr. Moderator

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - Karellen - 2018-12-07


Have you found the Event Log (wiki)?

The Log clears each time you restart Kodi, so if it is empty, just run the Update Library option and the log will fill up again if there are any missed movies.

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - runawaydevil - 2018-12-07

I will try tomorrow, it's late here.
But I didn't understand one thing. MMS is not working anymore? Sad

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - Karellen - 2018-12-07

Correct. Not working and not supported by Team Kodi anymore. Though there is a thread here where someone got it working again a while ago, but I do not follow it and don't know if it still works and what version kodi it works in.

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - ribtin - 2018-12-11

I seems that the Kodi team apparently wants to push the Event Log as a good alternative to this addon, but the sad fact is that the event log does not show all the missing titles that this addon does.

Case in point: I used to have Missing Movie Scanner check my library every now and then, while working on getting my whole library correctly scanned, until the addon stopped working for some reason. I then swapped over to the event log, which told me there were no missing titles what so ever. But I knew that couldn't be right, so I tried to install Kodi 18 beta, and found that Missing Movie Scanner worked again. And lo and behold, the addon found a whole bunch of titles (both movies and episodes) that were not scanned into the library for various reasons. After renaming and fixing the files that weren't scanned, I have finally managed to get all my titles into the library.

But people should be aware that the Event Log does not show all the missing titles.

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - falafael - 2018-12-19

ive used this addon for ages and found it to be great, and now its not working i found it strange that kodi devs arent actually getting it working, it picks up everything, and yes, iknow of the event log, and like ribtin says, it misses load, i think its crap being a big library user, everytime a good addon seems to stop, there seems to be no follow up.
At one point addons would be picked up by someone and maintained, now it seems like theres a push just to get new ones out, rather than keep to the basics of kodi being a great library player!
Lets have this addon fixed please!

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - Shawzborne - 2019-02-23

(2018-08-01, 10:31)Akirainblack Wrote: Hooray, with Alpha 3 it's working perfectly again! Smile
 which version of missing movies scanner are you using that worked with Kodi 18?

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - ribtin - 2019-02-24

I'm using Missing Movie Scanner v 4.0.5 and it works perfectly in Kodi 18.

Missing Movie Scanner - Shawzborne - 2019-02-24

(2019-02-24, 22:16)ribtin Wrote: I'm using Missing Movie Scanner v 4.0.5 and it works perfectly in Kodi 18.

Im using that version and it doesn’t find the missing movies and tv episodes in it’s current state

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - ribtin - 2019-02-24

Hmm, you might wanna try with a fresh Kodi installation. I had loads of problems but started fresh and it worked perfectly again.

Also, this might sound stupid, but are you absolutely sure that the movies are actually missing, and not just scanned incorrectly so that they're listed as something else entirely? I recently found out that my copy of Borat was listed as Communion (1989) for some strange reason.

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - DAlba - 2019-09-03

This was working fine for me with Kodi 18.3. However, I just moved over to MySQL database and it stopped working. It runs but then shows no movies. Is there something special I have to do to get it to work with shared databases?

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - Karellen - 2019-09-03


missing movies add-on not wrok? - brucecao - 2019-09-13

After i update to kodi-20190831-3ade758c-Leia-armeabi-v7a, it's look like  missing movies add-on not wrok now? Can't find any missing moves or TV shows.

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - Karellen - 2019-09-13


Read here... https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=118263&pid=2693885#pid2693885

Use the Event Log (wiki)

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