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Openelec - Perfect_Blue - 2012-02-04

I'm using the current Fusion build of Openelec (Read: Only Fusion build available), which I'm told is based on an older version of XMBC, and which isn't 100% compatible with Eden plugins.

Which version of the missing movie scanner should I use?

- tji100 - 2012-02-09

Tried all Eden compatible versions and it's simply returning all 407 movies on the share in the results list!

The library has 376 movies in it so why isn't the script recognizing these?

- tji100 - 2012-02-22

Is this plugin still in active development?

- null_pointer - 2012-02-25

Hi and sorry for the delay in getting back to people.

Christmas, work and and other such stuff got in the way, you know all the standard boring things.

I have release a new version that I tested with the latest version of the Beta (XBMC Eden Beta 3).

If you are still having issues please follow the instructions in the first post to acquire a log file and then email it to:

shaun AT bluebit DOT com DOT au

- Ballistic - 2012-02-27

Awesome work bud. Just threw it in my setup and let it scan. Only 8 movie titles not in my library.. out of almost 900! Not bad Smile

- bolter - 2012-03-04

Great plugin, any idea when you might add TV shows

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - house - 2012-03-24

Hello guys,
im new in this forum and i will THANK you all for this amazing media center XBMC

i try this add-on. installed the new version by installing zip-file
i start the plugin but then i get an error
the complete error debug log:

i think the main-error is "Error Contents: No module named json"

any one can help me?
thank you very much
greetings from munich

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - Martijn - 2012-03-24

(2012-03-24, 22:00)house Wrote: i think the main-error is "Error Contents: No module named json"

any one can help me?
thank you very much
greetings from munich

This will only work with XBMC Eden11.0 (the stable version has just been released)

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - null_pointer - 2012-03-29

We found an issue with some platforms saving the username and password in the movie DB, the problem was the file walker does not have or need this and when the comparer was comparing the walked files and the movie DB files the extra username info was causing all movies to be marked as missing.

New version should fix that for smb shares.

Version 3.0.5 (29/3/2012)

- added smb uri parsing to strip out any usernames or passwords in SMB links

(2012-03-04, 10:12)bolter Wrote: Great plugin, any idea when you might add TV shows
Unfortunatly I dont use the library for TV shows, I just play them from a share so adding TV shows is not high on my priority list.
So sorry to be honest I will not be working on adding TV shows any time soon or even at all at this point.

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - Japaja - 2012-04-02

Works good for movies. Sorry to hear you wont be adding TV shows support. Sad

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - theatredaz - 2012-04-05

* Will this work on Leopord OSX Mac Mini 2010?

Please let me know and I will download the zipfile and try it out.

The current XBMC scanners do not pick up some movies in my folder> and would like to use this scanner that scans the folder themselves.

So how does this scanner work so far for everyone?

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - null_pointer - 2012-04-09

The scanner should work on OSX fine but unfortunately I do not have that platform to test on so can not confirm.

The best thing to do would be grab the add-on and give it a go. It is not intrusive, it is stand alone and does not change any options or settings on your install, give it a go and if it does not work remove it.

Regardless if it works or not please post you findings to help others with your platform.

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - thec - 2012-04-10

Just wanted to say thanks for this Smile
Works great on Eden, windows7

RE: Missing Movie Scanner - jawilljr - 2012-04-15

Just installed in Linux and it works... found all of my missing movies, and of course they where all typo's... spelling errors... fixed typos and rescraped and now they are found!!!



RE: Missing Movie Scanner - null_pointer - 2012-04-15

Excellent, glad it could help :-)

Thanks for the feedback guys.

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