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RE: [RELEASE] 4oD (Video) Addon - UK Channel 4 on demand - dawson123 - 2012-06-05

@Mossy i have 2 atv2 and both working great with your new repo and 4od addon although one is displaying the new blue thumbnail and the other black is there a simple way i can change the old black one to the new blue one i know its nothing major but would like to change this any ideas ?
Thanks for all your hard work !!!!!!

RE: [RELEASE] 4oD (Video) Addon - UK Channel 4 on demand - Mossy - 2012-06-05

Thanks for that castalla. Unfortunately the error didn't happen that time (which is why there's no show.html).

I have created yet another version which should work normally until the error happens again, at which point a message will appear saying that 'show.html' has been created.

If you wouldn't mind running this version until you see that error message and then post the log and show.html (or just the log if there is no show.html to be found).

RE: [RELEASE] 4oD (Video) Addon - UK Channel 4 on demand - castalla - 2012-06-05

Okay - will do.

RE: [RELEASE] 4oD (Video) Addon - UK Channel 4 on demand - Mossy - 2012-06-05

@Dawson There is a problem there that should affect some OSes and not others. Don't know why it happens one but not both your systems.

Try finding this line in default.py:

return urlunparse(('file', '/', os.path.join(MEDIA_PATH, thumbnail + '.jpg'), '', '', ''))

and remove the slash - replace '/' with '' (no space).

If that doesn't work replace the following in two places in default.py

thumbnailPath = GetThumbnailPath(thumbnail)

thumbnailPath = os.path.join(MEDIA_PATH, thumbnail + '.jpg')

RE: [RELEASE] 4oD (Video) Addon - UK Channel 4 on demand - hasselhof - 2012-06-06

(2012-05-31, 14:22)Mossy Wrote: @hasselhof

You should be able to find where rtmpdump is by typing the following on a command line:

which rtmpdump

If that command doesn't do anything then rtmpdump isn't installed (or is not on your shell path - unlikely)

Worked a treat , thanks mate.

RE: [RELEASE] 4oD (Video) Addon - UK Channel 4 on demand - Nitroboy - 2012-06-09

After getting the script fail message using Nibor's script on ATV2 I came to this thread. Have read all (currently) 260 posts attempting various fixes!!!

What worked for me was Mossy's new script...currently 1.03 as quoted below. Big thanks to Mossy as I am streaming Grand Designs - Yay!!!

(2012-06-04, 01:03)Mossy Wrote: Version 1.0.3

Repository is here (Download and install as an add-on, get automatic updates when new versions of the plugin come out)

The plugin can be downloaded directly here .

Note There are changed files and additional files in this version, so replacing default.py won't work this time.

Change log
Version 1.0.3 (03 June 2012)

- Added sort by Latest, Most Popular, or alphabetically

- Added SOCK4 proxy support. Can only be used with proxies that do not require a username/password.

- Added paging so that only 50 programmes are listed at a time, within a category. Can be turned off in the settings.

- Display a proper error message when Homeland (or other programmes with the same problem) fail.

And this made really laugh too... worth reading all 260 posts just for this Wink

(2012-03-10, 22:00)torch1 Wrote:
debully Wrote:fantastic, cheers.

The Hoobs are now back in town which gives me more time to make the dinner which gives me more time to do the vacuuming which gives her more time to play with sprog which increases my chances of getting some marital privileges. I s**t you not!

Saving lives man.

This made me and the missus laugh A LOT. Laugh

RE: [RELEASE] 4oD (Video) Addon - UK Channel 4 on demand - buges - 2012-06-09

@ Mossy

Sorry for the late reply

Unfortunately the new default.py you posted for me didn't work. I still have the same results (click download & the download starting message appears,followed by the download finished message) the same thing happens with v1.0.3 aswell.

Everything plays ok

Im running win7 & a nightly built on the 8th of june with rtmpdump 20110925-git-6230845

Looking at my debug log i see no errors at all.

I did try on my linux system but just got the working message when trying the play something (probably something i did wrong, /usr/bin/rtmpdump is right for the file path??)


RE: [RELEASE] 4oD (Video) Addon - UK Channel 4 on demand - idlerobbo - 2012-06-09

(2012-06-04, 19:16)Mossy Wrote:
(2012-06-04, 15:37)idlerobbo Wrote: awesome, proxy support!!
Anyone know a reliable non username/pw proxy service?

Or is there any chances that username/password support might be coming soon? :-)

Username/password support will only come if I (or someone else) figures out how to do it via lib/rtmp/dump. Don't bet on it happening.

Update: It may simply be a matter of specifying the server in the following format in the settings: username:[email protected]HOST

If that works for you I'll add seperate settings for the username and password.

BTW There's a bug in a 1.0.3 preventing proxy support from working. Change this in default.py:

    if proxy_use == True:


    if proxy_use == 'true':

I will include this fix in the next release.


The problem as I see it is that some Views stretch landscape tvshow images into portraits. This the same with the iPlayer and ITV plugins. Solution: Use a different view.

Proxy support using this format seems to work!! Thank you so much! I spent ages using VPN's but the speed was terrible! Plus this way I can access the US stuff and British stuff no problem!
The only issue i'm seeing is that sometimes programs say 'Working' and then do nothing, usually if I try once or twice more on the same video then it will start.

I'll post my log here to see if this is something you've seen before:


RE: [RELEASE] 4oD (Video) Addon - UK Channel 4 on demand - idlerobbo - 2012-06-09

Also, can I ask was adding such proxy support easy? I'm wondering if whoever is supporting Channel 5 on demand plugin could add it (or if I could easily add it myself ...?)

RE: [RELEASE] 4oD (Video) Addon - UK Channel 4 on demand - Mossy - 2012-06-12

I've updated the plug-in, but I'd like to get it tested before I release it formally, as there are a number of changes under-the-hood, just to make sure it isn't broken for everyone.

Update: As of release 1.0.4 the test version is redundant.

  • Fixed proxy crash bug
  • Fixed problem with shows that don't have episode numbers
  • Use socksipy for proxy handling

I'd like if a couple of users could try it out (watch for a couple of minutes, and also download an episode) and leave a message here to let me know if there are any problems, and on which platform, and with a debug log.

@buges Try the test version. Type

which rtmpdump

To find out where the rtmpdump executable is.

@idlerobbo "Ease" is a relative term. Can you confirm that

To see the changes required for proxy support compare 1.0.3 with 1.0.2. The code changes are in default.py and [geturllib.py[b].

There are 3 'parts' where you need add code.
  • running librtmp for streaming: add socks=host:port
  • running rtmpdump for downloading: add --socks=host:port
  • passing proxy data to urllib/urllib2

Most of the code changes are around getting the data from the settings to that the part of the code where their needed.

RE: [RELEASE] 4oD (Video) Addon - UK Channel 4 on demand - dlake02 - 2012-06-12

I can't get any version to work at all with my SOCKS4 proxy....

I'm running the latest ss5 proxy on CentOS and when I point Firefox to use it, it works just fine (hard-coded to SOCKS4). But the 4OD app barfs at the "Play" or "Download" of a video.



RE: [RELEASE] 4oD (Video) Addon - UK Channel 4 on demand - Mossy - 2012-06-13

Thanks for finding that bug David.

An updated test version has a fix for that problem, please try again and let me know how it goes.

RE: [RELEASE] 4oD (Video) Addon - UK Channel 4 on demand - Slatri - 2012-06-13

Hi Mossy
Here is a log http://pastebin.com/mmL98BZr from my windows 7/ eden. I am using a dns and it works fine when I go to the website but when I try the test.2 plugin it starts working for a second or two then stops. When you get a chance you might have a look. Thank you for taking on this plugin.

RE: [RELEASE] 4oD (Video) Addon - UK Channel 4 on demand - GeezerJT - 2012-06-13

Hi great addon,i have a problem though, i will play one file fine but i i then go to play another i will get a message saying one ormore items failed to play even though the file starts fine. I have to click ok and start the file again, it does this every time.

Any ideas?

Running eden

RE: [RELEASE] 4oD (Video) Addon - UK Channel 4 on demand - Mossy - 2012-06-13

@Slatri, @GeezerJT

Can't see what's going on without a debug log, guys.

Quote:In Settings > System > Debugging there is a setting Enable debug logging. This lets you toggle between Normal and Debug w/ visuals on the fly.