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How to disable the movie theater view? - Eklar - 2012-01-15

How do I disable the movie theater and tv screen from the main menu? I'd like to only see fanart, like Transparency's announced design goal.

- ronie - 2012-01-16

check out the available options in:
Settings > Skin Settings > Backgrounds.

select the 'multi image' option and point a to a folder containing the fanart images.

tip: you can use the artwork organizer script to copy all your fanart to one folder.

- Eklar - 2012-01-16

Thank you! I had to re-install my XBMC due to crashed SSD, so I lost some settings.

I'd also like to thank you for your dedication in bringing Transparency to us. I've been using it for probably two years now almost daily, and I really enjoy the visuals!