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ATV2 4.4.4 (iOS 5.01) - Eden 11.0 b1 - terrible frame rate w/ ass/ssa subtitles - Robobandit - 2012-01-15

Hey all..

I just picked up a new Apple TV2 and did the jailbreak and loaded up NitoTV and XBMC Eden 11.0 b1 and most everything seems to be working ok except for one thing..

I've noticed I can play 1080p h264 videos from my file server over the network (using SMB protocol) and the frame rate reported in the debug text remains steady..

however, as soon as I play something with subtitles embedded in a MKV container (always H264 video in my case).. the frame rate becomes unpredictable and I start getting audio drop outs and the video losing sync with the audio.

I captured a couple of Debugging XBMC logs of playing the same video through the same section (give or take a couple seconds) over the same wireless connection (wired doesn't make it better.. I've already tried) and when I disabled subtitles, the audio stayed in sync and the frame rate stayed at 24 fps where it belongs with no discernible drops.

The file I logged below is in a MKV container with 720p H264 video and AAC audio (I believe) and has ASS/SSA subtitles

Here are the two logs -

Frame rate Drop - XBMC log http://pastebin.com/LmvdX15M

Steady Frame rate - XBMC log http://pastebin.com/xnszbxLk

If I missed something or you need more information, let me know and I'll fill in the gaps as best I can.

- bkim - 2012-01-15

I've got the exact same problem

- bkim - 2012-01-16


This has been my only issue with xmbc eden so far. I've ironed out all buffering issues by switching to NFS, but the subtitles-frame-rate-slow-down remains. The frames immediately pick back up after disabling the subtitles.

- davilla - 2012-01-16

cut a sample that shows the issue, 50-100MBs.

- Memphiz - 2012-01-16

Cut us a sample of not more then 100mb and verify that issue is reproducable with it. Dropbox it (or use some other shareing plattform) and post the link.

- Memphiz - 2012-01-16

lol @davilla ... should have refreshed my "read queue" before posting ...

- Robobandit - 2012-01-16

I'll do it as soon as I get home.

It's reproducible in the intro section to an episode of anime.. so a clip of less than a minute should be enough.

I'll trim it up and verify that i can still replicate it when I get home.

edit -

Do you guys want logs from the trimmed clip as well or just the clip?

- Robobandit - 2012-01-17

Here's a link to the sample -


The clip is 3 minutes long, but it should take less than 2 minutes to see the issue.

There's a part where two characters are running along the floor cleaning it with rags in the intro and it's usually down hill from there in terms of the frame rate, though it may drop to 7-8 fps before then.

Let me know if you need anything else.

- davilla - 2012-01-17

I see some fps dropping on some areas when subs are on, rock solid with subs off. I don't see the massive fps drop that you reported.

- Robobandit - 2012-01-17

The massive drop that I see tends to vary.. maybe it's a combination of issues, but it makes watching subtitled content impossible as the audio gets ahead of the video when they're running.

I've seen as low as 7-8 fps and full stoppage of the video and audio hitching.. some drops are lower.. like down to 18 fps from 24..

It seems to hitch and catch up to itself.. but I don't see a "buffering" dialog.. so I'm not sure it's lacking data from the network.. when I pause the video I can see a good bit of the bar filled ahead of where the cursor position is.. so I'm not entirely sure what is going on.

I'll connect the Apple TV2 directly to the media server ethernet port to ethernet port and assign manual IP addresses and capture a new log..

edit -

Dropping down to as low as 4 fps.. even when connected directly to the media server.. I'm certainly open to suggestions at this point..

- Memphiz - 2012-01-17

Did you try turning the audio output to optical/coax instead of HDMI - no worrys it won't actually change where the audio comes out (it allways comes out on both because we are not able to influence it). Some users reported this would help in freeing some CPU resources (though i doubt it because afaik we don't do anything with this setting - but hey - give it a try).

- bkim - 2012-01-17

Here is the massive drop in frames that I've been experiencing with subtitles on on my ATV2: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8453730/KOTCS%20Sample.mkv

The audio output setting has no effect for me. The movie plays fine without subtitles.

- Robobandit - 2012-01-17

I'm just afraid that it has something to do with Apple TV 4.4.4.. even the GUI performance for XBMC is pretty bad.

Do you guys think it would help if I set it up to boot into XBMC instead of frontrow or does that make a difference?

It only seems to be using about 60 MB of memory.. but the cpu usage does up to 90 or above with the subtitles on.. which Apple TV version do you guys have? Everything I read says 4.3 is better.. but I can't downgrade since mine came with 4.4.4 and apple isn't signing 4.3 anymore.

- Memphiz - 2012-01-17

Booting directly into XBMC doesn't give anything. Its only some kind of hacked autostart. Its the same as launching XBMC from the frontrow app...

- Robobandit - 2012-01-17

Memphiz Wrote:Booting directly into XBMC doesn't give anything. Its only some kind of hacked autostart. Its the same as launching XBMC from the frontrow app...

yeah, I figured as much..

Looking like I'll still need my main XBMC computer.