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Help with installing Plugin - gbuffry - 2012-01-16


Apologies if this is a really simple answer but I had a look around and couldn't find what I was looking for. No doubt I was looking in the wrong place!!

I downloaded a plugin for XBMC from Suicide Girls, which extracted a folder that contained a default.tbn file and a default.py file. I am just wondering where I put that folder to make it show up in XBMC?

I have tried to put it in the add-ons folder but had no luck... I also have a few other add-ons waiting to go in but don't know where to put them. I've also tried installing the add-ons from the zip file but they're not showing up!

As I say, sorry if it's really obvious I am just a complete newbie when it comes to the add-ons/plug-ins


- spiff - 2012-01-16

that's an outdated plugin from the pre-addon days.

- gbuffry - 2012-01-16

Thanks for the info!