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RE: Xperince MXE - binBD - 2012-06-02

(2012-06-01, 18:17)senna99 Wrote: Good progress.I have one question how to get the avatar.

if you're referring to the kinect dashboard then i havent installed the avatar script for that dash version but if you're talking about the new dashboard then
it should automaticly pop up but the user name must be exactly like your avatar name.
to get to the new dashboard goto settings >initial setup >hit enter and enable metro home sreen

RE: Xperince MXE - senna99 - 2012-06-02

I use the metro, which are names for the avatar,skin is normally pretty good cpu less burdened.
Best regards senna99

RE: Xperince MXE - senna99 - 2012-06-11

Ok I solved my profile avatar. I have acaun on Xboxlive.
All the best

RE: Xperince MXE - kaz0ku - 2012-06-13


binBD I am really fan of your theme Smile but I have two small default (and some bugs which I assume will disappear in future versions)

I want to know what to do to make my avatar appear on the homescreen ( my username on xbmc is ma exact gamertag but nothing is displayed ) ?
and is it normal that there is nothing in the square "Ad" ?

[Image: xme.png]

(and sorry for my english ^^ )

RE: Xperince MXE - binBD - 2012-06-14

im making the gamertag panel that you see below,this will be in the next update


the ad i havent really found content to play for it so right now its still a now playing window if you ever have a movie or vid playing,go back to the dashboard while its playing and you'll see the vid in the ad boxNod

RE: Xperince MXE - senna99 - 2012-06-14

Great news, I appreciate your work

RE: Xperince MXE - scalda - 2012-06-15

hi i've just downloaded this and it looks nothing like the one in your screen shoots its more like the old xbox dash board

any ideas

RE: Xperince MXE - kaz0ku - 2012-06-15

Thanks BinBD for the answer Smile really excited to try your next release

(2012-06-15, 10:06)scalda Wrote: hi i've just downloaded this and it looks nothing like the one in your screen shoots its more like the old xbox dash board

any ideas


you must activate the metro homescreen

go to settings >initial setup > Home > enable metro home sreen

RE: Xperince MXE - binBD - 2012-06-19

im almost done with the gamerpic panel

RE: Xperince MXE - senna99 - 2012-06-19

Great news, when the update will be.

RE: Xperince MXE - binBD - 2012-06-21

but here's what i have so far i have to solve conditional errors with file manager
Note:you will now be able to set motto and all the other buttons you see but only problem im having now is the gamertag problem, i cant set profilename from the gamertag labelHuh


the good news is that the premium themes and gamer pics will be included in the next download

RE: Xperince MXE - senna99 - 2012-06-21

excellent news, thanks for splitting your work with us.

RE: Xperince MXE - vermin - 2012-06-23

hey, the download link doesnt work ... please fix it!

RE: Xperince MXE - binBD - 2012-06-23

latest version is now up for download
with all the premium themes and gamerpics

RE: Xperince MXE - kaz0ku - 2012-06-23

Oh yeah !! Big Grin thanks BinBD