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Banners on Aeon MQ3 - flitter2009 - 2012-01-23


Thanks for a great skin! I'm having some troubles (and found a few others with the same but couldn't find a result in the huge release thread) with banners though.

Can you clarify exactly which files get read for e banner view? And how to update them? The TV show information update seems to just get the thumbnail and then that gets stretched in the banner view even though they are different shapes. I have banner.jpg files in the show folders and season banners too.

Thanks again!

- andrewch - 2012-01-23


I could be totally missing the mark but have you enabled the correct view type in the settings menu? I remember having to enable quite a few becasue they are turned off from standard.

You are referring to the correct file - banner.jpg.

Is it in the correct folder? from memory it needs to be in the TV Show (not series) folder

- flitter2009 - 2012-01-23

Thanks! Yes, I've enabled all the views and selected the one with banners. The banner.jpg is in the show folder.

- cbierwirth - 2012-02-04

hi there,

my banners are located in the folders pf the shows and named "banner.jpg" but for some reason it doesn't work with all shows. most of them work just fine..but still some of them wont work.

did anybody have the same problem?

thanks for your help

i'm on xbmcbuntu/aeon mq3 pre-eden

- dirkie - 2012-03-05

i have the same problem. The banner displays correctly for older shows. If i scrape new shows the banner.jpg does not get displayed in banner view (or banner info). Although banner.jpg is correct in the /series/ folder. Furthermore the clearart and logo for new series won't show up, even after downloading by the command 'get logo...).
The files for clearart and logo are in the correct place.

The problem exists since ~Dec 2011. I am currnetly using the RC2 of eden.

- UnderCoverUZI - 2012-03-06

I had a similar problem with banners being stretched.

Go into your TV library, and bring up the left menu.
Scroll down to "Banner: Default" and hit enter(or however you slect on your remote/PC).
Should switch to "Banner: Alternate"

- dirkie - 2012-03-06

Hey, i tried that. When i turn on alternate banners the banenrs for the new shows simply don't show up. btw atm instead of the banner the cover is shown. By meaning the cover.jpg is crunched into the size of banner.

- UnderCoverUZI - 2012-03-06

dirkie Wrote:Hey, i tried that. When i turn on alternate banners the banenrs for the new shows simply don't show up. btw atm instead of the banner the cover is shown. By meaning the cover.jpg is crunched into the size of banner.

Alright, I had that when I first setup my library.

I would suggest downloading Media Companion and loading u your TV shows, then simply go through each show(a little time consuming) and replace the poster with a banner. Its worth the time.

- dirkie - 2012-03-06

Well that can't be the solution!
The older shows show up correctly! and still banner.jpg = banner and cover = cover.
The skin seems to fuck up the newly scanned shows.

- dirkie - 2012-03-08

Hello again,
so i replaced the poster file with a banner -> works the banner displays correctly. BUT now the Poster is fucked Wink I talked to a friend and he has the same problem.
@MarcosQui do you have any thogughts on this problem?

I switched the skin to aeon nox and tried to rescan a show for that the post er gets displayed instead of the banner -> result same mistake -> so it might be possible that it's not a MQ3 bug rather than a xbmc bug?

RE: Banners on Aeon MQ3 - Vaikin - 2012-03-14

I don't think so. I have 44 shows(1977 episodes) and 209 movies. All my posters and banners show up just fine. My only issue is that some dvd cases show up in the wrong language(usually russian cover).

Maybe you should play with artwork downloaders settings and see if increasing how many pieces it get helps you. Just a thought.

RE: Banners on Aeon MQ3 - dirkie - 2012-03-15

that was the problem. For reference see:
The hint was checking out the tv scraper. Now i have the banners for the new shows, when i switch to alternate banners. But this is bad, because some shows don't have alternative banners.
Is there anyway to change the banners? alternate -> normal?

RE: Banners on Aeon MQ3 - hams1000 - 2012-03-19

I have to use Aeon Nox's 'get artwork', to get my posters and banners sorted out. It's a hassle, but seems to get the job done.

RE: Banners on Aeon MQ3 - FocalFury - 2012-03-20

I'm having this problem as well
Eden rc2....it only does this on a few TV shows
Any ideas

RE: Banners on Aeon MQ3 - dirkie - 2012-03-20

Thanks for your reply hams1000...i tried the Nox skin and found the option you mentioned! finally i was able to choose a banner(with aeon3 a banner gets selected automaticly and there is no option 'select banner' anymore).
So i selecet a banner and it began downloading and it shows up in the menu. But it won't show up in the banner view! Neither on NOX nor on aeon nor on confluence. So i deleted the show and scraped again -> same result.
Then i went to the tvdb scraper option and i found out the 'preffer poster switch was on' so i took it of -> scraped again -> same result -> went back to tvdb scraper option -> switch was on again. So maybe that's the mistake?

Then i switched to confluence skin -> entered videos option -> and i selected 'select poster' option -> i was able to select a banner and that banner gets displayed in aeon skin too. so i scraped that show which was fixed again -> no working banner.

I don't have a clue whats going on there. Anyone getting same results?