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RE: [MOD] Fusion Migma v2 - magico77 - 2012-05-10

Hi Butch

I have another question. I enabled your repository and I downloaded your skin Fusion Magma V 2 (SVN)

But is totally Black.... I Tried to redownload it 3 / 4 time but is always totally black

Fusion Magma V 2 works reat, but the svn version has the cast as I asked you

the qustion is
What SVN means?

The version V2 will have the same future that svn has ( I mean the cast)?

RE: [MOD] Fusion Migma v2 - butchabay - 2012-05-10

I aussume you've downloaded from xbmc passion repo, they had some problems, but a team member said the problem is fixed. SVN is to keep my work updated, but not really bug free. You can wait a few days and you'll get all the latest changes.

RE: [MOD] Fusion Migma v2 - Tomahawk - 2012-05-10

(2012-05-10, 11:56)butchabay Wrote: Status update and what's coming in future:

Release 2.0.3 available through my repo will be ready this weekend.

Future Plans for 2.0.4

- MPAA (Australia, UK, Germany) Flags support
- Bugfixes in general and cosmetics
- Unicode Fonts
- Custom Submenus
- Season Fanart

A request, if I may: Can we eventually get more options to turn things on/off? For example, in all the Poster Fix/Poster Wrap views, I'd like to have the option to turn off genres, movie year, library info, etc., and just display the poster, the movie title and the media flags.

RE: [MOD] Fusion Migma v2 - butchabay - 2012-05-10

You must understand that every additional setting can slow things down and that's really not my intension.
Ofcourse i can give you some hints so you can edit the xml's yourself.

RE: [MOD] Fusion Migma v2 - Tomahawk - 2012-05-10

Understood. And you're right -- one of the nicest things about Migma is that it's fast and lightweight.

RE: [MOD] Fusion Migma v2 - magico77 - 2012-05-11

Hi Butch

I Have a strange question for you. But you are a sort of genius for me so...

I have a lot of soundtrck album
Do you think there could be a way to create inside the info of the movie to the soundtrack album.

Just an Example

I have Iron man 2 and the soundtrack album of Iron man 2

As the link of the trailer do you think could be a way to link the soundtrack too?

I know is a strange qeustion....

Secon thing
I tried to use fusion skin 0.8 and the dialog while the movie is playng is different, but it have a cool thing.
when you see the osd the link to the info of the movie it appears above. In the fusion magma disappear the osd and appear the info.

It could be great to create a similar dialog of the fusion skin

I hope is clear what i'm saying

RE: [MOD] Fusion Migma v2 - butchabay - 2012-05-11

Need to say that your first question is a nice idea but don't think it will be possible without a script. I need to check it first.
Second: i my remember this was a bug in fusion 0.8 but have to see that again.

RE: [MOD] Fusion Migma v2 - magico77 - 2012-05-11

I have a collection of about 1000 movies. Some of these have two audio tracks. It would be interesting to find a way to indicate the information between the film a sort of icon or a flag that informs even the presence of more than one audio track. I set a button on the remote control to directly change the audio track. An icon to be inserted at any point in the dialog could directly indicate the presence of multi audio.
To do so would require a separate script?
I hope you do not mind that I write often but since I'm brilliant ... I would enjoy ....
I'm glad you think my idea on the soundtrack would be interesting.
In fact, the version of fusion is 0.8, but see the plot of the film above the osd is not all bad in my opinion. But everyone has different tastes, might not appeal to another.

I hope I have written in understandable English. I do not know if I'm writing to an American or an Englishman. A British man certainly find it very disgusting to read poorly written sentences. An American ..... maybe not!


RE: [MOD] Fusion Migma v2 - butchabay - 2012-05-11

the problem with audio tracks would only work with a hack. On skinning level there is a way, but untill it will be fully supported by xbmc i won't do that. I've done it with cirrus extended v2, but the deal is to rename all your movie files to .en. for english, .it. for italian and so on ... i must say that this isn't a good way and you would never see the second language flag.
Your english is fine and good to understand so keep it up Smile

You would be surely surprised if i tell you that i'm italian living in switzerland ... but this is an english forum and i have to respect it.
If there is something you want to ask, you can do it in italian or german by sending me a PM Smile


RE: [MOD] Fusion Migma v2 - butchabay - 2012-05-13

fusion migma v2

2.0.3 released

force refresh my repo and update !

enjoy Smile

RE: [MOD] Fusion Migma v2 - Tomahawk - 2012-05-13

EDIT: Never mind. I figured it out!

Thanks butchabay.

I'm an XBMC noob and I can't figure out this SVN/repo stuff and I can't seem to update Migma within XBMC. Can you please post a link to a zip file of 2.0.3? I've been dying to get my hands on it.

RE: [MOD] Fusion Migma v2 - butchabay - 2012-05-13

You had not the svn version installed?

RE: [MOD] Fusion Migma v2 - Tomahawk - 2012-05-13

No, I had 2.0.2 installed. I just didn't know how to do a force refresh -- now I do Smile

What's new in 2.0.3 vs. 2.0.2?

RE: [MOD] Fusion Migma v2 - butchabay - 2012-05-13

Important Notice !

Had to switch svn repository, here the new checkout adress:

PHP Code:

I'm going to inform the xbmc passion team asap !

RE: [MOD] Fusion Migma v2 - Tomahawk - 2012-05-14

Love the new search screen ... thanks for your hard work. The skin looks amazing.