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2 Questions For Margro RE: MediaPortal Server - XBMCUser4657 - 2012-01-30

Hey Margro,

Thanks for providing the components for connecting XBMC PVR to Mediaportal!

1. If I use Mediaportal Front-End to schedule series recordings, will XBMC PVR not properly detect those settings? It looks like XBMC may not be able to update the timer to the next recurrence (so I wind up with 'next scheduled recordings' that are out of date and never get updated). I don't really care that I can't schedule series timers within XBMC (though it would be nice), but I'm wondering if the Mediaportal/XBMC plugin can't even properly read the series timers entered into Mediaportal by other means?

2. Is there any way to adjust the color/genre combinations which appear in the EPG Timeline? It only seems to color 'comedy' and 'documentary' for me. Other genres (drama, news, sports, etc) don't appear to get properly detected and colored. I'd love to know if there is a way to set the color and genre strings myself?

Thanks again!

- margro - 2012-01-30

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Not sure. I have to try this again. It has been a while ago since I wrote the code that imports the schedules.
The addon will get the correct information from MediaPortal, but as far as I can remember, I can't map this onto the current timer framework from XBMC in an easy way.

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The actual color is either part of the skin or even hardcoded.
MediaPortal stores only genre strings and XBMC only accepts genre type and subtype id's.

The mapping from genre string to XBMC genre id/sub id can be modified by adapting/extending the following file:


It currently only contains the DVB EPG strings that I have seen on my system.
To check which strings are unmapped, enable debug logging in XBMC and check your XBMC.log file for lines like:
AddOnLog: MediaPortal PVR Client: EPG: No mapping of 'news magazine' to genre type/subtype found.

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