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RE: [RELEASE] buggalo - automatic exception collector - schapplm - 2017-12-26

This addon was broken for me for about two years now, probably due to the errors fixed a few days ago in PR5 and PR6.
I updated the official repo in PR719 and now it seems to work again: I got a few bug reports on my addon that I thought "bug-free" after four years of development.

I only can encourage other developers to once again have a look at this addon! See updated Readme.
I will try to continue the development as long as twinther is gone.

RE: [RELEASE] buggalo - automatic exception collector - twinther - 2017-12-26

Thanks for keeping this alive Smile
I hope to be back in the future, but personal life got in the way...

RE: [RELEASE] buggalo - automatic exception collector - fbacher - 2019-11-13

Although it is probably already known, Buggalo is not Python 3 compatible. I'm willing to help, if needed.

  File "/home/fbacher/.kodi/addons/script.module.buggalo/lib/buggalo.py", line 28, in <module>
import buggalo_client as client                                             
File "/home/fbacher/.kodi/addons/script.module.buggalo/lib/buggalo_client.py", line 70
except Exception, ex:                                                              
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

RE: [RELEASE] buggalo - automatic exception collector - schapplm - 2019-12-14

Thanks for pointing this out and offering your help. I think, it is worth porting this addon to python 3, since it really can improve the quality of addons in the "last 5 %", since all kinds of bugs in different configurations can be reported directly.
I still receive a handful of bug reports for my addon every week, so I think the code of Buggalo is functional and well established. The last PR for version 1.1.8 now lies back for two years, but the inactivity resides from a rather final state of the addon.

If you are able to upgrade the code to python 3, I would be very thankful, since I currently do not have the time to do this.
You should fork the current version from my github repo. The original repo from twinther misses some bug fixes and is outdated.

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