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TV Scraper Problem with some Shows - Manuel_W - 2012-02-08

Hey Guys,

i have a Problem with the TV Scraper (the TVDB).

I have some Shows named like: "Criminal Minds: Team Red", "Ein Käfig voller Helden" and other

Now, the Folder ist named: "Criminal Minds Team Red" the ":" isn't working on Folder- or Filenames.

The Episodes are named to: "Criminal Minds Team Red.e01s01.avi"

The Scraper shows me the correct Showname and Banner in XBMC, but the Episodes are not shown, because the Scraper could not find them. In my opinion because the missing ":" Huh I searchd thetvdb.org manually and find the correct Show and Episodes.

Same Problem is with the show "Ein Käfig voller Helden". Maybe the german umlauts the Problem?

I tried other variations from the wiki too. But nothing works.

greez Manu