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4.2.2 to 4.4.4 - Yes or No? Lots of Buffering... - BDPNA - 2012-02-14

Anyone have any thoughts on bumping up from 4.2.2 software on ATV2 to 4.4.4? I've been on 4.2.2 for a while but just did a totally clean install of Eden b3 and am on a strong Wireless N network (full signal) 15 feet from router and still getting crazy buffering on 1080p content. Using Quartz skin so I assume low resources.

Any help? Is the buffering always that bad on ATV2 wireless? I seem to recall getting a much better stream a lot further away.

Wondering if a clean 4.4.4 wipe and re-install might fix this?

- jd2157 - 2012-02-14

It'd probably help if you posted the mediainfo output for a sample file that you're having issues with. Not all 1080p content is created equally.

Some folks are finding 4.4.4 to be slower so maybe it won't improve things for you but it might be worth testing so you know for sure.

- BDPNA - 2012-02-14

Thanks for the suggestion. Is that just the entires from xbmc.log when I play the file or is that information elsewhere in the system logs?

I'd love to post it to see if I am just ripping my mkv content in a way that doesn't stream well over wireless. I just want to make sure I get you the right information.

- BDPNA - 2012-02-14

Is this what you need to see?

Quote:*** Log Removed ***

use pastebin.com please

- BDPNA - 2012-02-14

Little extra info.

I tried playing the same file through a SMB share instead of the NFS share. Seems it plays perfect over SMB. Must be the XBMC NFS implementation, HaneWin (my MySQL shares come from a Win7 PC), or a combination of both.

NFS seems to play fine wired but not wirelessly. I'm leaning more towards this being HaneWin's fault than XBMC's.

At least SMB works well.

- canadave - 2012-02-14

A couple of things:

First, by "mediainfo output", he meant that you need to inspect the file you're trying to play by using the MediaInfo software program, and give us the report on what it says, so we see exactly what type of file it is.

Second, instead of posting a snippet of the xbmc.log, post the entire log, using pastebin.com.

- rickrude - 2012-02-14

@BDPNA - stick with 4.2.2, I just upgraded and it's not as good, very laggy. I will be downgrading to 4.1.1.

- Ned Scott - 2012-02-15

It's HaneWin

- BDPNA - 2012-02-15

Ned Scott Wrote:It's HaneWin

Thanks Ned, I figured as much.

Is there a known workaround for NFS where Win7 is the main machine or am I stuck for now? It's a shame as HaneWin's NFS seems to stream quite well to my wired systems, just not my wireless.

I know there are other NFS products for Windows but I don't think any of the other options are any better. Maybe I'll research HaneWin settings to see if there are some flags I can get for better performance.

I think Tomato has an NFS server built into the Router, I might peek there next to see if that is a viable option.

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.

- BDPNA - 2012-02-15

rickrude Wrote:@BDPNA - stick with 4.2.2, I just upgraded and it's not as good, very laggy. I will be downgrading to 4.1.1.

Thanks, will do. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing any obvious performance benefits.