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Weather Location Eden - Dobyken - 2012-02-16

The location for the weather does not display so there's no way to know which or the three areas it's for. Is this something the skin has control of or is it a system item. This is with the default Weather Underground settings and not using the Wx+ addon.

- stoli - 2012-02-16

This was reported in another thread - I'll try and get to it this weekend.

- vijayk416 - 2012-03-02

Hi Stoli, any luck with this item? Aside from this and the marked as watched item (small items), this skin is kicking ass. Nice job! Cool

RE: Weather Location Eden - vijayk416 - 2012-03-14

Bump. Any luck with this? I live in Canada, so discussing the weather is a year round topic we are immersed in.

RE: Weather Location Eden - stoli - 2012-03-14

Fixed today...

RE: Weather Location Eden - vijayk416 - 2012-03-16


RE: Weather Location Eden - pletopia - 2012-03-26

Umm .. I installed Eden Final last night and decided to check out new skins. Amongst which was this one. I'm pretty sure i still noticed this bug in the weather section. Skin installed from repo not svn if that matters.

Weather Location Eden - stoli - 2012-03-28

I don't think I had that fix in before the official Eden skin. If you get the skin from the Passion Repo you will always have the latest builds.

RE: Weather Location Eden - pletopia - 2012-04-01

ohh .. i figured you just had to push the changes to their repo and it would be there

RE: Weather Location Eden - kperi - 2012-05-23

Any final solution for this problem yetHuhHuhHuhHuh??