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RE: [WIP] lightbox skin - reksveks - 2012-03-13

loving the updates, now I am going to imagine this on a windows 8 tablet in my head for the next few days

RE: [WIP] lightbox skin - Shinu - 2012-03-13

too...much....sexy....for one.....skiiiin!!! *head explodes*

RE: [WIP] lightbox skin - deh2k7 - 2012-03-13

Looks amazing Tree!

A couple thoughts -

Your new weather icons that you created a few days back, they are beautiful. Why did you decide not to use them in Lightbox?

Are you planning support for some of the common addons, like Weather+, Artwork Downloader, TVTunes, Artist Slideshow, Metadata Actors, Random Items, etc?

How much "customize-ability" are you planning for the tiles for each section? Will you allow for users to configure the tiles on the left to show things like Recently Added, Featured, Genre's, Years, etc (I know I saw genres)?

Planning on extrafanart support? This would be amazing combined with a Zune-like slideshow for Music!

Also - congrats on joining the XBMC Team Smile

Re: [WIP] lightbox skin - Martijn - 2012-03-13


Try not to make it to bulky with all kinds of extras. This might ruin the whole skin concept you had visioned.

RE: [WIP] lightbox skin - jeffrey1790 - 2012-03-13

thanks for the update. looks like im going to have a new favorite skin. Smile

RE: [WIP] lightbox skin - karnage1020 - 2012-03-13

Wow. This looks stunning! Keep up the great work.

RE: [WIP] lightbox skin - opm881 - 2012-03-13

This looks amazing! Any idea when it will be released?

RE: [WIP] lightbox skin - Turrican2 - 2012-03-13

Amazing! :-)

RE: [WIP] lightbox skin - Craymel - 2012-03-13


The video link to music is a great idea.
Would it be possible to link a song with a serach in youtube (the seme as do trailers) to look for a music video?

RE: [WIP] lightbox skin - Amra - 2012-03-13

Like the Video OSD a lot.

RE: [WIP] lightbox skin - el_Paraguayo - 2012-03-13

This really is looking stunning - great work.

RE: [WIP] lightbox skin - Alz2605 - 2012-03-13

Great progress and congrats on becoming a Team xbmc member!

If Microsoft sees your skin they may steal it to replace Media Center in Windows 8!

RE: [WIP] lightbox skin - otcho - 2012-03-13

Keep up your great work!

RE: [WIP] lightbox skin - jdbrookes - 2012-03-14

This looks like a truly modern UI for xbmc; clean, readible, minimalist and without any excessive chrome. AKA metro!

Great work so far, keep it up!

RE: [WIP] lightbox skin - DuffBeer - 2012-03-14

Can't help myself ... must check thread every day ! this skin is so sexy !