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NAS with wol and autofs - FloBo - 2012-02-20

I just changed my htpc from mediaportal to xbmc. But now I have some problems to get my nas filesystem integrated into xbmc. My first idea is to use the advanced wake on lan plugin integrated on a home menu item to wake on my nas and after that mounting the respective drives with autofs. But autofs is only wotking if I previous create a directory for each mount, this is wouldnt be a problem if autofs will not remove this dirs after each restart or stop.

Following steps I did:
1. /etc/auto.master
/media/nfs /etc/auto.network

2. /etc/auto.network
a1 -fstype=nfs4
a2 -fstype=nfs4
b1 -fstype=nfs4
b2 -fstype=nfs4
c1 -fstype=nfs4

3. mkdir /media/nfs
4. sudo start autofs
-> ls /media/nfs -> empty
5. sudo stop autofs | mkdir a1 ...
6. sudo start autofs
-> ls /media/nfs -> a1... mounted ok
7. sudo stop autofs | ls /media/nfs -> empty (all created dirs deleted)

I appreciate any help