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Lock code on some episodes - dos286 - 2012-02-26

I have identified some episodes of a TV show as kid friendly and some not. I put them in separate folders added the folders separately to the library and activated the lock code on the kid unfriendly folder. I have only riped one season so far.

Here's where it get funky. Without entering master mode, the tv series shows up but when selected, it goes to the season selection screen with no seasons available; no way to select the kid friendly episodes. If I have entered the master mode (unlock sources) then it jumps from the tv show selection to the episode selection (no season selection, as it should 'cause I have selected to flatten if only one episode) with all episodes showing. If I then exit master mode it filters out the kid unfriendly as I want. But if I backup a level I can't get back in. It just goes to the season selection with no seasons available.

Also, without ever entering master mode, I can see the kid friendly episodes as expected from videos-files, but they are ordered alphabetically instead of by episode number.

I'd rather have them show up in the TV section as would be expected. Can anyone help me figure out what's going on here and how to fix it?

- jmarshall - 2012-02-26

See the query in CVideoDatabase::GetSeasonsNav.

I presume what's happening is you have a tvshow split over 2 sources, one of which is locked. XBMC then gets the episodes from both shows, grouped together into season. What I suspect is happening is that the episodes from the unlocked source are being returned with the tvshow path from the locked source? Try the query out in sqlitespy or similar.

If you get a query that works better, let us know.


More info - dos286 - 2012-02-28

I have not had time to look at the queries as you suggested. I did not know that the database a viewable from other applications. I'm running ubuntu. Can Libre-office base see the queries? I'll try to figure out how to do this.

In the mean time, here is some additional info. I added another season to the same TV Show. Just to see what would happen, I added the full season to the unrestricted folder. Now, from the TV show selection screen it jumps to the kid-friendly list of episodes with the filtered first season and the whole second season, but it shows both seasons together as if the flatten option was selected, but it's not. It's should only flatten if there is only one season. It should go to the season selector first.

- jmarshall - 2012-02-28

You can just use sqlite3 from a shell on Ubuntu.

RE: Lock code on some episodes - dos286 - 2012-04-10

I have not had time to look into this further, but now it's behaving as I had expected. The only change was to delete and rebuild the database.