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Problem creating shortcut to add video source - Kaysauce - 2012-03-05

First let me say I've been using Neon exclusively for close to a year and I absolutely love it. It provides me with a fast and elegant interface for displaying all my movies, TV shows, and music without being overwhelming.

Recently I switched to Eden and implemented all my personal changes for making things simple for my family; view changes, removing unused home screen items, a couple adjustments to the weather to work well with Weather Plus, and sub-menu items to add networked movies, TV shows, and music.

In Dharma I successfully coded buttons to add media to each library by calling file views, highlighting Add Media by executing keypresses for End and Up, then executing Select. After posting in the skin development thread about the same issue and finding an unreliable solution (as well as learning a thing or two from jmarshall and Hitcher), I successfully implemented an Add Music button as I did previously by executing key presses.

However, I cannot execute key presses via <onclick> when I activate the File View for Videos in either version 2.0.0 or SVN build 1330799808. Here's the code that I believe should work fine:

<item id="12">
    <label>Add Videos</label>
Wrapping the desired key-presses within an "Action()" command also does nothing. My code for adding music is effectively the same but successfully executes key presses within File View.

I also attempted to set the "Add Videos..." button as a favorite and set it as a custom home menu item and it brings me to a content-less page that does not respond to any controls other than ParentDir and PreviousMenu, and it drops me into File View for Videos that also has nothing highlighted and will not respond to controls other than ParentDir and PreviousMenu. Here's what that menu looks like.

Thinking the issue may lie within Eden, I replicated the Add Videos button within Confluence and it worked flawlessly. Is there any way I can edit the MyVideoNav.xml file to allow for key presses after being called? Or do you know of a way I can easily add sources from the home screen that will work reliably?

RE: Problem creating shortcut to add video source - stoli - 2012-03-14

I spend some time with this today and I think it has to do with Neon using a fixed list and Confluence using button controls. I'm a little intrigued by this, so I'll take another look at it later in the week.