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Season Fanart supported? - Razieal - 2012-03-08

hi just wondering if there is season fanart support in neon? for exaple i have dexter 6 season everytime i switch to different season fanart remains same is there a fuction or anyone knows how i can change different fanart for each season? any help would be highly apprteciated

thanks in adavnce

RE: Season Fanart supported? - wints - 2012-03-12

Look in the Movies/Tv section in the skin settings think its something like enable extrafanart or something like that

RE: Season Fanart supported? - Abulrock - 2012-03-13

I think this option turns on season fanart at Episode level. I'm also interested to know if there's a way to enable season fanart at the season level, so if I change to season 2or 3 the BG changes.

RE: Season Fanart supported? - stoli - 2012-03-14

It may get added at a later date. No plans for it at the moment.