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Pioneer VSX-1121k receiver - gquiring - 2012-03-10

I use a Pioneer VSX-1121k receiver with my XBMC PC. I was wondering if anyone else has this receiver and uses the IR input on the back of the receiver? I have my receiver located low on the floor and my remote is not doing a great job of getting the signal to it unless I raise it above my shoulder.

I was hoping to find a cheap IR receiver that works in that input.

RE: Pioneer VSX-1121k receiver - BJamin - 2012-05-08

I have a Pioneer VSX-1021k receiver. I have tried the Cables To Go Impact Acoustics 40430 Infrared (IR) Remote Control Repeater Kit. I have not been able to get it to work with the IR input port on the back of the device. I have however been successful in using the IR emitter, sticking it to the IR receiver window on the front of the VSX. It is not as clean as using the IR input port, but it does work and is the cheaper option I've seen. Customer service for Cables To Go suggested using the Niles or Xantech units as they are explicitly stated in the user manual (Connecting an IR Receiver).

Let me know if you find a cheap solution for using the IR input port.

RE: Pioneer VSX-1121k receiver - gquiring - 2012-05-08

Strange coincidence, I just ordered an IR extender from Logitech earlier today to hopefully resolve the problem. Techbargains had a coupon code today to get their system for $29.99 with free shipping.