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Wireless car remote - maikzen - 2012-03-13

how do i get this to work with linux version and if the pc doesnt have internet but has wireless (it's in my car) Smile ?

figured out how to install, now any tips how to get it to work when it's in the car without internet?(only wifi available)

RE: Wireless car remote - Varazir - 2012-03-13

Linux version ?

RE: Wireless car remote - maikzen - 2012-03-13

(2012-03-13, 10:20)Varazir Wrote: Linux version ?

XBMC Live...? ring any bells?

Re: Wireless car remote - Varazir - 2012-03-14

Yes but this is Android forum

RE: Wireless car remote - charlie0440 - 2012-03-14

Not following the question. My reading of it is you have a pc in your car running XBMC and want to use you android device (probably phone) to control it as a remote?

If so and your PC has wifi, enable your android to be a wireless hotspot then the two devices should be connected to the same network and can communicate.