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Window.IsActive? - Hitcher - 2012-03-16

What is an active window? How is it different to a visible window?


RE: Window.IsActive? - Jezz_X - 2012-03-16

Visible is including animation close time Active is only until the close window command is called

RE: Window.IsActive? - sphere - 2012-03-16

FYI, because of this was a good question and a good answer, I wanted to add this to the wiki - just noticed that is already present there:
Window.IsVisible(window)     Returns true if the window is visible (includes fade out time on dialogs)
Window.IsActive(window)     Returns true if the window with id or title ?window? is active (excludes fade out time on dialogs)

RE: Window.IsActive? - Hitcher - 2012-03-16

I did read the wiki but didn't get it - Jezz's explanation makes sense now.