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RE: TV Show Custom Season Names - komdori - 2017-11-05

(2017-11-05, 11:52)Karellen Wrote:
(2017-11-05, 11:29)Roger79 Wrote: I would also like to have this feature included in Kodi too :-)

I don't know what you are referring to, so I will take a guess. You can change the season names here...

Select a season -> context menu -> manage -> edit title

That is a workaround I was aware of, but it doesn't help--I have a bunch of boxes that I need to refresh custom shows on.  When I get new hardware or new installs, it's nice to be able to scrape everything rather than going through dozens of shows and renaming all the titles manually.  

The namedseason tag is designed to do just that, but as I can't seem to get it working, I posted.  Not sure if it's a bug or I'm doing something wrong, but I can't get it to work.

RE: TV Show Custom Season Names - Karellen - 2017-11-05

Ok, so you are referring to the nfo file XML tag. In future please provide more information in your posts.

No, it does not work, so you are doing nothing wrong. All available XML tags are listed in the NFO pages of the wiki. See my signature below for the link

RE: TV Show Custom Season Names - komdori - 2017-11-05

(2017-05-15, 21:14)Montellese Wrote: I've taken a look at it and it seems like it doesn't work when initially scanning a tvshow into the library but when refreshing a single tvshow from NFO it works fine. Could you give that a try and report back whether it works for you as well or not?

EDIT: Nevermind, figured out what the issue was. Should be fixed with PR12099. The feature was working when I made changes to it last time but it was broken (again) by another refactoring of season handling in the database.

I guess I should have quoted the thread right before mine when I asked if the change he was discussing made it into production. That's what the discussion was about--someone was fixing that very XML tag and said it should be working as of a few months ago.  It had been working on and off (I liked it while it lasted, but wanted to move on to the newer builds.)  Is it officially abandoned then?

RE: TV Show Custom Season Names - Karellen - 2017-11-05

Do you know what version of Kodi it was working in?

RE: TV Show Custom Season Names - Roger79 - 2017-11-05

ok, so I figured it out... :-) allthough it's a terrible workaround. Make a copy of your show and add it as a second source, then update the library.

RE: TV Show Custom Season Names - Karellen - 2017-11-05

I read the code review here... https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/12099

Looks like they could not get it to work without breaking other, more important, functions so it has been abandoned.

RE: TV Show Custom Season Names - jonib - 2017-11-07

Testing KodiSetup-20171101-150591e-master-x86.exe (later don't start at all) on Windows 7.

I can import the custom season names from the tvshow.nfo so seems to work fine, but most places in the GUI that reference the season still uses numbers and not the custom names. Don't know if related to Kodi or skin but makes it less usable right now.


RE: TV Show Custom Season Names - bluemoon4ever - 2017-11-07

Hi newbie here 
if i read this thread correctly ... when you create a custom Season folder name using the 'namedseason' tag in the tvshow.nfo - it saves the changes when you refresh, but will not export the said changes if you export the .nfo file?

I can confirm that this is the case.  I created a Custom TV Show folder, with Custom Fanart, Seasons, Episodes etc.  renamed the season folders using the afore mentioned tag in the .nfo and refreshed ... works like a dream.  So as long as you dont export your library files (or at least choose NO to overwrite when you export), everything will remain as you want it.

Just a shame that the export part doesnt work properly, but hey ... we cant have everything in this excellent FREE software :-)

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