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Problem with scraping "specials" episode - alma76 - 2012-03-22

I need explanation.

Im' using XBMC on Apple TV2.
I scrapped all my series with TheTVDB.

All is perfect expect "specials" episode (As 24, S7E00, and Downton Abbey, S2E09/10, ...).
They couldn't be indexed and are not visible in XBMC Mediatheque (i can see them with files interface)

Do i need to "name" them especially ?

Thanks for response

RE: Problem with scraping "specials" episode - aptalca - 2012-03-23

Check the episode listings on thetvdb.com and name your files accordingly

As far as I know, most "specials" are listed as season 00

RE: Problem with scraping "specials" episode - alma76 - 2012-03-23

Thanks for your response.

for those 2 cases the problem is :
- Downton Abbey : The number of the episode is "Special" and when i get into the episode, i saw number 2
Downton Abbey
2 : Christmas Special
- 24 the same
9 : Redemption

I think that "Special" is kind of a serie but the scraper does not recognize them ... Huh
So tha i don't know how to name the files ....

RE: Problem with scraping "specials" episode - prae5 - 2012-03-23

Specials are listed under Season 0, the Christmas episode is episode 2 in the specials so should be called Downtown.Abbey.S00E2.xxxxxxx.avi


Likewise for 24, its episode 9 under specials, so should be called 24.S00E09.xxxxxx.avi


RE: Problem with scraping "specials" episode - alma76 - 2012-03-24

It Works !
Thanks for your help and excuse for my inefficiency....

In fact, all the Special come into a Special directory and special number.
So that i lost the link between episode and the season which is related. Dont't care, there are indexed !

Thanks !

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