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Favorites - Main Menu - Diabolix - 2012-03-22

Hi Peeps,

New user here!

I am busy setting up XBMC, and I want to create a tab on the main menu for my Anime. I have created the tab, gave it images etc.

Is there anyway I can point that tab to a folder? Or do I have to use favorites, because I think my favorites is broken. Keeps bringing up a blank page when I open it (Even if there is a folder attached to it.)

When I tried to add favorites in the beginning, it said add on required: favorites script. I spent about 30 minutes looking for the correct version. Accidently installed 1.0.6 and then the newer (3.2.2) one I found somewhere in the source pages. (Maybe that broke it ?)

Running XBMC eden RC 2.

I hope someone can help me Smile