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Idea proposal - Naxiey - 2012-03-22

Hi! Even if I won't apply for GSoC this year, next I think, but I have an idea to share. Maybe for someone who want to apply but don't have an idea what to do.

The idea is simple:

Move the Thumbnails folder into the MySQL database.
This would be archived though some changes to the database scheme and when you load the images from file you get them from database instead.

It is for server/client model where you now need to have network drives to sync thumbnails. It would simplify the process to set up a xbmc server/client. This change would add some load on the network if you have separate thumbnails folder, but if you do have like me, a samba share, you would have that traffic anyway.

The files to start work with is of course the database scheme and then maybe ThumbLoader.cpp and/or ViewDatabase.cpp

Language to use would be C/C++ and SQL and some knowledge about images.

- I hope I helped someone.

RE: Idea proposal - jmarshall - 2012-03-22

I've already done this for video thumbs. See my github branches. Do I get the $5k, or just a t-shirt? Wink

Let's hope we get some great students with great projects this year so we can make a good case for GSoC 2013 Smile


RE: Idea proposal - Naxiey - 2012-04-17

That was to bad for the students Wink

What is the link to your repository and will your solution be implemented in xbmc soon?