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Gsoc Project Idea - supan - 2012-03-24

Hey all,
Currently all media players in market use frequency to generate a Most played List.I'd suggest why not create a Favorites (weekly,monthly,yearly,all -time) based on frecency(i.e. a combination of frequency and recency),genre of the song etc etc, where weight of each parameter can be worked upon.
How does the idea sound ?Please guide me through.


RE: Gsoc Project Idea - jmarshall - 2012-03-25

You can do smartplaylists based on playCount already. Similarly there's the Top 100 lists already in the music library.

This feature on it's own probably isn't large enough for GSoC, but it could perhaps be extended somewhat.

RE: Gsoc Project Idea - supan - 2012-03-26

Yeah playcount is the only parameter used,thats what i plan to change.
I too felt this cant be a full-fledged 3 month summer project .Could you please help me out in what way could this idea be extended.


RE: Gsoc Project Idea - jmarshall - 2012-03-26

Well I guess one idea is to design and implement an improved UI for searching and filtering within the library.

The smartplaylist stuff can handle some of the filtering, but it's a little clunky. Think about better ways that the user might more quickly (with a remote, or via touch/mouse or via keyboard) apply filters/search terms to quickly construct lists.

The UI design is probably the trickiest bit, followed by design of how to get the filter terms into something SQL-friendly.


RE: Gsoc Project Idea - Montellese - 2012-03-27

Just an FYI concerning additional/advanced/better filtering in the library: I have done some work on an "Advanced Filter" option in the library (in addition to the current "Filter" functionality which filters by labels) and the code is in one of my branches: https://github.com/Montellese/xbmc/tree/advanced_filtering

Basically what this does is add a category "Filters". Every filter is a smartplaylist but they are not listed under smartplaylists. What a user can do while in library mode is bring up the side-menu, go to advanced filtering, click it and a dialog pops up asking the user to create a new filter or use an existing filters. If filtering using existing filters is chosen a list of available filters (for that specific media type (i.e. movies, tvshows, episodes, albums, songs) so you don't get a tvshow-specific filter in a movie list) is shown and the user can select one or more of those and then they are directly applied to the current list of items thereby filtering the list. This is still far from perfect as you still need to create a smartplaylist/filter for every specific filter you would like to apply but it's a step in the direction described by jmarshall.

RE: Gsoc Project Idea - jmarshall - 2012-03-27

Also note some of the stuff in pull request 335 may be tangentially related (allows reorg of the library heirarchy).

@Montellese: An interesting solution. I've wondered whether or not we should consider filtering outside of the SQL stuff, the bonus being that it could be applied to non-database fields. After all, a few runs through the list to apply a cascade of filters probably isn't too onerous.

@supan: That gives you some stuff to think through. Up to you now to see whether or not this is something you're interested in, and if so, to come up with implementation ideas that might bring some of this together.


RE: Gsoc Project Idea - supan - 2012-03-27

Thanks a lot Jonathan and Montellese for your valuable input.I am very much interested in the idea.I shall try my best to come up with a strong proposal covering the ideas discussed above along with the implementation idea.

Thanks Again,

RE: Gsoc Project Idea - supan - 2012-03-27

I got a little confused.The filter you are talking about is just basically like creating a playlist .What i thought of is ,say for example talking about songs. we list the attributes of the song...and the lists which match would refer to similar songs and hence implying that if the user likes one of the song ,he ll probably like the second song too.

@Jonathan: Smartplaylist generation you are refering to is user-input driven rather than smartlist which is automated based on previously stored data.
For improving user-driven smartlist ,one of the things surely would be dynamic filtering.Currently you have to press 'Done' to see the result.I ll work around more to get more ideas for that.


RE: Gsoc Project Idea - Montellese - 2012-03-27

I was just mentioning what I have done for advanced filtering so you don't have to duplicate that work in case you intended to. There is nothing dynamic about those filters so feel free to evolve your GSoC project idea around (more) dynamic filters.

RE: Gsoc Project Idea - sebak - 2012-04-09

Just some ideas on top of my head:
I don't know if xbmc keeps a play history, but maybe you could do something along that path to get nice statistics / playlists of a certain time frame. But I don't know if anybody is actually waiting for something like this.

For more advanced playlists you could look to methods that estimate the mood associated with a certain song and play media for a certain mood. Algorithms for this exist(don't know for movies and the ones I looked at for songs didn't work very well).
Maybe even go further and analyse pictures (for example: what colors, how much lighting) to find appropriate music for picture slideshows.

For movies and songs it could be useful to have a 'more like this' feature that tries to find similar items based on its attributes. Maybe coupled with some recommendation system.