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Diskless XBMC Eden help needed! - Noodle - 2012-04-01

Hi Forum,

I used to run XBMC 10.1 from my NFS server without any issue. Now I'm upgrading to XBMC Eden. PXE, TFTP server, all configured without any problem. I'm able to boot XBMCbuntu from PXE without problem. But the problem is: NFS persistent not working any more.

Old boot option for XBMC 10.1 with nfs persistent (nfscow) looks like this: (which still working)
label xbmc
menu label XBMC-10.1
kernel XBMC-10.1/live/vmlinuz
append initrd=XBMC-10.1/live/initrd.img netboot=nfs nfsroot=<nfs server ip:/.../XBMC-10.1> ip=dhcp root=/dev/nfs usbcore.autosuspend=-1 video=vesafb boot=live xbmc=autostart,nodiskmount,noredir splash quiet loglevel=0 quickreboot quickusbmodules notimezone noaccessibility noapparmor noaptcdrom noautologin noxautologin noconsolekeyboard nofastboot nognomepanel nohosts nokpersonalizer nolanguageselector nolocales nopowermanagement noprogramcrashes nojockey nosudo noupdatenotifier nouser nopolkitconf noxautoconfig noxscreensaver nopreseed union=aufs nfscow=<nfs server ip:/.../diskless/client_mac_address>

New boot option for XBMC-Eden with ifs persistent looks like this:
label xbmccow
menu label XBMCLive, NFS Persistent
menu default
kernel XBMC-Eden/casper/vmlinuz
append initrd=XBMC-Eden/casper/initrd.lz netboot=nfs nfsroot=<nfs server ip:/.../XBMC-Eden> ip=dhcp root=/dev/nfs usbcore.autosuspend=-1 boot=casper splash quiet nfscow=<nfs server ip:/.../diskless/client_mac_address>

XBMC-Eden boot ok, but not persistent anything to NFS server.

Any idea?

Thanks a lot


RE: Diskless XBMC Eden help needed! - Noodle - 2012-04-01

Find some information from: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=122676.

How i will persistent, but not all folder, for example: /etc folder cannot get update. I think XBMCbuntu initrd scripts need some improvement.

RE: Diskless XBMC Eden help needed! - Noodle - 2012-04-02

Some progress.

NFS Persistence is working, but whenever I reboot system, /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /etc/fstab (Don't know how about others) will be overwritten. I check initrd.lz file, in sciprts/casper-button/10adduser, it will always overwritten, recreate live session user. Compare with XBMC Live script, check if live session user exists logic need to be added.

Should I fire a bug?



RE: Diskless XBMC Eden help needed! - oetelaar24 - 2012-04-25

Hi Noodle,

I also saw your post on the other topic. I have no clue why this isn't working as it was in the 10.1 version.
Also, i find the 11.0 version booting _a lot_ slower than the 10.1 version (at least twice as slow) Maybe it could be optimized.

If you would want to fire/file a bug report for this, that would be great!

I think nfscow should be supported/enabled by default, as it was in the 10.1 image Smile