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Script Error - dharmin - 2012-04-02

I have JB atv2g,4.4.4 version (I think IOS 5.0 and I haven't updated to 5.1). and was successfully running Icefilm and others resp or add ons. But now my icefilm is not working since last 2 days. I am getting script error. I have Icefile version 1.5 ( I am not sure excet number but it says current version) and XBMC Ver,11.0 b1. I also changed few settings in icefilm to make it work but still no luck. I am not sure but I tried to update my XBMC to beta 2 via .ssh and nito tv but it says it is current version and no updates applied. Is it with XBMC version conflict with IOS? becasue I am running new version of XBMC in to IOS5.0Huh

I am having same script error with all other add on too. I will be happy if some one can help me to resolve my issue.

Thank You!

RE: Script Error - DLeavy - 2012-04-02

Can't discuss Icefilms here due to XBMC.org's policy. You should try asking here: