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Disks did not spindown - dilis - 2012-04-05

I have install xbmcbuntu.
The HDs connected not spindown.
Using command "sudo hdparm -y /dev/sdc" the disk go to sleep.
When use "sudo hdparm -S 5 /dev/sdc" infrom me that will go to sleep after 25 sec nothing hapens.
Any ideas?

RE: Disks did not spindown - dilis - 2012-04-06

Only I have the problem to auto sleep hard drives?
By default the disks auto sleep after some time of idle in xbmcbuntuHuh

RE: Disks did not spindown - genka - 2016-02-15

I'd like to bring to this old topic back from the dead because I found no other info. I have a similar problem and the drives on my box never spindown by themselves.
I have 3 drives in my box- one is the root filesystem and two others are for media storage. I want to stop only the storage disks. I used all recommendation from the http://info4admins.com/tips-to-spindown-your-hard-disk-in-debian-or-ubuntu/. I also monitored drive activities with iotop, so I knew that the disks were not accessed. Still they stayed active. When forcing the standby state with hdparm -y the disks will comply and stay there, further conforming that they are not accessed. How can I make them to spindown after inactivity?

RE: Disks did not spindown - wsnipex - 2016-02-15

I use http://hd-idle.sourceforge.net/

RE: Disks did not spindown - genka - 2016-02-16

Thanks, but your solution is aimed on the external USB drives, mine are internal SATA.