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HW to support Multi-Zone audio - ltoolio - 2012-04-07

Hey all,
Long time lurker and user of XBMC (have it on my original Xbox from circa 2003), first time poster.

I currently have a NAS with all my music & video shared to multiple devices in my house, and that portion is working perfectly.

However, I'm going to be remodeling my kitchen, which is going to offer me the opportunity to run some speakers to the ceiling in the kitchen, as well as the family room of my house.

What I'm looking for is the ability to stream audio to those speakers, as well as 2 sets of speakers that I currently have (one in the fireplace room and one in my back yard), but be able to control which of the zones get the audio from a remote control or via a single XBMC instance.

I today control the 2 existing zones (fireplace & backyard) by manually flipping an A/B switch on a receiver that I have hooked up to a PC, but would like to do this via software.

I've searched on the forums over the last couple of days to no avail (which makes me wonder if what I'm asking for isn't possible), but wanted to ping the community for your thoughts.

Any input is appreciated!