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touch control in eden - Raymond72 - 2012-04-07


i'm new to this forum but are using XBMC for quite some time now.
I'm running it on a MSI all in one touch computer under win7.
When realease 10 came out, one of the things i really liked was the fact that i could use the screen like a phone or tablet. You can scroll through e.g. your cd's by just swiping your finger any where over the screen.
before that version you had to use the scrollbar on the right side.
yesterday i installed 11, eden, was happy to see the weather was working again but to my surprise i couldn't use a swipe to scroll through things.
After restarting XBMC and tring again, i uninstalled it and went back to 10, because to me using the screen like that is one of the most important things.

So i hope someone hre can help me to get it to work like that in eden, or confirm that it is not available..

thanks for any input.



touch control in eden - Memphiz - 2012-04-08

it should work but none of the devs has a win7 touch device for beeing sure...

RE: touch control in eden - Raymond72 - 2012-04-08


i'll try it again.

RE: touch control in eden - TheDisneyMagic - 2012-04-11

It doesn't work on my touch screen like that anymore either, earlier on in the development I could swipe, a couple of BETAs in and the functionality stopped working.