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Kodi/XBMC in the media? Post links here - joebrady - 2009-06-22

Feel free to post any news, reviews, pictures, or other types of discussion regarding XBMC here.


Although it does mention all platforms, this was mostly aimed at xbox users.

XBMC in the media - Bigfoot87 - 2009-08-30

I don't know how it is in the rest of the world, but XBMC gets more and more attention from computer-magazines and tech-websites in the Netherlands.

So I think it's a nice idea to start a topic with hyperlinks to articles about XBMC or XBMC related stuff.

Hardware.info: Website published a review of the ASRock ION 330 and concluded playing HD-video was a little problematic. After the article was published they received a lot of comments from (Dutch) XBMC community members and released a video with another view at the device... this time with XBMC on board. (Language: Dutch)

Computer Idee magazine: Found a article about XBMC in the Computer Idee from august. It's also on their website. (Language: Dutch)

Criticor News: Interview with one of the founders of Boxee about the possibility for Boxee to develop a Boxee-box. I don't understand anything from the interview since it's in Hebrew, but subtitles will be added soon..

- blittan - 2009-08-30

Nice findings. Smile

- Bigfoot87 - 2009-09-02

Tweakers.net (One of the most visited website's on the Dutch internet) mentions XBMC in an article about the new version of the Acer Revo 3600.

- P@co - 2009-09-19

Xbmc is has a full page in Libération (french newspaper) this week end (this is only the text verstion without the pretty pictures Big Grin, a little plain)

- nad - 2009-09-20

In issue 1070 (27 Aug-3 Sep 09) of the UK mag Micromart there is a seven page article" Xbox Media Centre Guide - Fancy a Low Cost Media Centre?" The article describes all the steps required from hacking the original Xbox to installing xbmc.

- donabi - 2009-09-22

you can find it in nearly every second german "heise ct'" magazine.
it is always mentionend when a new final xbmc-release is out and when they are writing anything about "home multimedia".

à la "you can buy this for much money, (but it won't work as expected), or you could give xbmc a try. it works. it's for free..."

- Bigfoot87 - 2009-10-08

The British newspaper "Guardian" published an article about XBMC and it's forks yesterday.


- natethomas - 2009-10-08

Good find. Bit disappointed that the Guardian wasn't able to talk to one member of the actual XBMC team, but it's still pretty cool. Being a Yank from Kansas, the Guardian is one of only two British papers I've actually heard of.

- nad - 2009-10-09

The November edition of the UK magazine Home Cimema Choice has a comparison of media servers. I can't remember the complete list of products but XBMC for Windows and XBMC for XBox are included as well as Boxee. XBMC wins the comparison.

- natethomas - 2009-10-29


- TeknoJnky - 2009-10-29

xbmc live centric article


- natethomas - 2009-10-30

More lifehacker love. This time, it's all about getting xbmc to look great.


- joebrady - 2009-11-02

Now some Engadget love about ARM development


- DonJ - 2009-11-02

joebrady Wrote:Now some Engadget love about ARM development


And slashdot is referring to this engadget post:

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