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PseudoTV Crashes Alaska? - MrWizard - 2012-04-11

Running Eden, installed Alaska from the 3.01 repository that is stickied. I have PseudoTV as a custom home screen icon. I can launch it fine, but whenever I exit it, it essentially locks up XBMC. Also, the icon seems to think it's now the Weather icon as the label will say some sort of Weather forecast.

Any thoughts?

RE: PseudoTV Crashes Alaska? - musicguy980 - 2012-05-01

i had the same problem with aeon mq3. Do you have dsplayer installed, if so that's your problem. The only way i got the problem solved was to uninstall dsplayer, and just use the stock dvdplayer.

RE: PseudoTV Crashes Alaska? - MrWizard - 2012-05-02

Going through my installed add-ons list, I do not see dsplayer listed anywhere...