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switch tv channel [FAIL] - raffoul - 2012-04-12

When I'm watching for TV, I cannot switch tv channel. It fails. However, I can stop tv channel and then I can choose another tv channel. In this case the tv works.

An idea ?


RE: switch tv channel [FAIL] - margro - 2012-04-15

No idea. without more information, we are not able to help you...
Which PVR build are you using? Which pvr addon? Which version of the backend software?
Enable XBMC debug logging under System settings and check your XBMC.log file for hints or post the entire log on pastebin and post the link here for us to check it for any errors that might be related to your problem.

RE: switch tv channel [FAIL] - arielgr - 2012-06-25

ok, I may be having this issue too. When I try to switch channels by clicking up/down in the remote, instead of switching channels the stream goes back several minutes. Today I noticed this happens even if I go to the channel list (by clicking H) and then try to choose another channel from the channel list.

I am running margro Eden PVR v3 with Mediaportal backend, version 1.2.3