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[XBMCuntu] External display not working (Tv) - jelmew - 2012-04-12

Hi all, a newcomer here.
I recently tried to install xbmcuntu on a old laptop to use it as an old media server. Everything worked out just fine, however, when i connect it to my tv, using a vga cable, things go wrong. During start-up, it initially shows the xbmc loading screen, then the tv goes blank and the screen of the laptop goes on. Once booted, I can't get the laptop to display on the tv-screen. Anyone any idea or any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance,

Edit and bump:
I figured out that the tv-screen is getting a signal, it's just a black screen. The laptop screen works fine. I tried setting screens in xorg.conf, but that didn't work, because xrand-commands don't return any screen type.

RE: [XBMCuntu] External display not working (Tv) - vbat99 - 2012-04-13

Hi, Well, running a Laptop with XBMC, you can't use the Fn+Function Key, to switch outputs. But, you can create an xorg.conf, that tells XBMCuntu to turn off vga out and turn the lcd monitor off.

Check the following thread

XBMC Live on Laptop with TV

I'll try and get a copy of the xorg.conf I created for this same issue.

But you can search Google more info.

RE: [XBMCuntu] External display not working (Tv) - jelmew - 2012-04-13

I honestly tried to google. Tongue
And i already tried the Fn+Function key. It ends in the laptop screen going blank and nothing in uitput on the tv,. I'll try disabling the other screens.

RE: [XBMCuntu] External display not working (Tv) - jelmew - 2012-04-13

Not working, xrandr returns, no screen found. Help :S

RE: [XBMCuntu] External display not working (Tv) - jelmew - 2012-04-15

Bump, anyone any brilliant ideas?

RE: [XBMCuntu] External display not working (Tv) - vbat99 - 2012-04-15

Sorry buddy, busy weekend and forgot to source my xorg.conf.

Are you ssh into the laptop or opening a new screen and typing xrandr directly on the laptop. If trying xrandr via ssh, it won't work. You need to be on the laptop. Also you may need to stop xbmc.

try 'sudo lightdm stop' I think.

Another alternative is to get your xorg.log, and scroll through it. The log will normally list your display devices, ie: VGA1, DVI1 etc, then you can edit/create a custom xorg.conf.

I'll try and get my file today and list it here.