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Weird, random audio stretching...? - larvamind - 2012-04-13

Ok, this one has me stumped:
Up until a couple days ago I've had absolutely NO issue with XBMC. But I decided to upgrade my router from a G to a Dual N and since then I've been having the oddest issue... Randomly on any given episode of a tv show, the video will freeze or go black and the audio will time stretch out verrrrry sloooooowly...then, about 20 seconds later, the video will catch up and it will snap back into running normal. But it does appear to be completely random when it occurs. It can be a minute into the vid, 11 minutes, even a half hour. Confused

I've uninstalled XBMC, reinstalled 11.0, uninstalled, went to the 11 RC, and so on. Same issue. I have to assume it's the router. Any suggested setting I may have missed on XBMC?

I'm running Win7 on a Revo.