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RE: [ALPHA RELEASE] Lightbox Skin - eckstheory - 2012-04-23


Hey bud, wanted to say I love the skin. Its very cool. And I also wanted to ask if there was any chance you could upload your media folder uncompressed if that ok as Id like to make a few changes for myself? Unless theres a way to unpack .xbt files Im not aware of?

Hope that alright with you.

Thanks in advance.

RE: [ALPHA RELEASE] Lightbox Skin - jpatrick - 2012-04-23

Loop up TexturePacker, maybe a dead end but worth a shot.

RE: [ALPHA RELEASE] Lightbox Skin - Myrddraal - 2012-04-23

(2012-04-21, 20:37)tree_jammer Wrote: That's fine I'm not changing it. At the end of the day this is a personal project which I decided to share. Therefore take it or leave it. I'll only implement what I feel adds to the skin.

I like that. You have your idea, let's wait until it is finished and then we can propose new features or discuss improvements.

RE: [ALPHA RELEASE] Lightbox Skin - Hitcher - 2012-04-23

(2012-04-23, 09:28)jpatrick Wrote: Loop up TexturePacker, maybe a dead end but worth a shot.

It's a TexturePacker not TextureUnpacker. Wink

RE: [ALPHA RELEASE] Lightbox Skin - Balinus - 2012-04-23

Just downloaded your skin and got this error when clicking on your file :

"Add-on does not have the correct structure".

That is, when trying to "install from zip file" inside XBMC.

edit - Ok, success by extracting directly from the zip file the skin.lightbox directory into the addons directory.

RE: [ALPHA RELEASE] Lightbox Skin - SynstrShn - 2012-04-24

hey just wanted to give my thanks for the hard wok on this skin! i have been working on my own skin and am realizing just how much time and work is put into these skins. there are a few things i would change but thats just my own preference, overall though i am blown away by this skin! looks great, has nice smooth animations, and functionality is perfect! thanks so much and cant wait for the final product! Big Grin

RE: [ALPHA RELEASE] Lightbox Skin - joro_abv - 2012-04-25

Can we expect a beta soon ? I'm asking mostly because it would be great to have it on some repo, i.e. - auto updating.

RE: [ALPHA RELEASE] Lightbox Skin - ppic - 2012-04-25

you're free to ask if you want to have your nightly there : http://passion-xbmc.org/addons/?Page=Downloads

RE: [ALPHA RELEASE] Lightbox Skin - Sabish - 2012-05-02

Hi Tree_Jammer,

Any update comming up ? Angel

Thanks man, Lightbox is awesome.

RE: [ALPHA RELEASE] Lightbox Skin - blackjack09 - 2012-05-04

Thanks Tree_Jammer for the best ever XBMC skin. It is absolutely awesome.

BTW, I did a small mod to the Video OSD screen to display video info.


The modified VideoOSD.xml is available here.

Any one who might be interested in this alternate OSD can download the VideoOSD.xml from the link above and copy it into XBMC\addons\skin.lightbox\720p folder.


RE: [ALPHA RELEASE] Lightbox Skin - Vinz22 - 2012-05-04

This is a really great idea this VideoOSD mod!

I was wondering if in a future version of the skin, there will be a unique language file to translate the skin in other languages?
If so, I'd make a redistribuable french translation for you skin.
I made it for me, but I had to modify many files..


RE: [ALPHA RELEASE] Lightbox Skin - Chokladkakan - 2012-05-04

I tried installing this lovely skin on an OpenELEC 1.95.2 and I was unfortunately greeted with an message informing me something was wrong with the .zip…

RE: [ALPHA RELEASE] Lightbox Skin - Chris! - 2012-05-04

Read the first post more carefully.

RE: [ALPHA RELEASE] Lightbox Skin - Chokladkakan - 2012-05-04

Ah, my most sincere apologies. I suppose one shan't get used to the handy install from .zip. Smile

RE: [ALPHA RELEASE] Lightbox Skin - testmetest - 2012-05-08

(2012-05-04, 09:21)blackjack09 Wrote: BTW, I did a small mod to the Video OSD screen to display video info.
Forgive me, because I can't tell, what is made different in the modded OSD?