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RE: £200 Noob Mini HTPC Build - filthycatbox - 2012-05-16

Yeah, the dvd front wasn't so noticeable on my black case but I can imagine it would be a bit of an eyesore other ones. I cut the cover that it ships with to make a replacement. I'll post some pics of it when I have time, it looks pretty good.

Anyway, I fitted in the pico today and it's almost completely silent even with the stock cpu cooler. I ripped out the side fan and it seems to be running pretty cool. I think 47C it's the hottest it's run so far with xbmc playing. I'm a little paranoid though as it's my first build.

At what temp should I be worried at? I've read certain posts saying that 70C is ok, but I don't think my heart could take that Big Grin

RE: £200 Noob Mini HTPC Build - Dougie Fresh - 2012-05-16

47C is very acceptable if it means it's quiet.

RE: £200 Noob Mini HTPC Build - Chuck King - 2012-05-16

Nice build. I went with the same CPU and I could not get some full 1080p movies to play with out getting the green pixels. Had to get a GPU, just a heads up

RE: £200 Noob Mini HTPC Build - filthycatbox - 2012-05-16

Ok thanks Dougie.
I haven't run into any issues with 1080p movie so far. I'd check your codecs if I were you mate. The G620 should be able to handle it without a gpu.

RE: £200 Noob Mini HTPC Build - filthycatbox - 2012-05-17

Right, the stock cooler has started to become too damn loud. What would be a better, quieter option;
Add a gelid 80mm fan to the case along with the exhaust fan it came with
Or go for a low profile cpu cooler?

RE: £200 Noob Mini HTPC Build - aoaaron - 2012-05-17

I might rob this build! for £200 does it play 720p, 1080p and 10bit (anime)?

Also what remote did you get with it? does it wake from USB nicely? etc. etc.

RE: £200 Noob Mini HTPC Build - filthycatbox - 2012-05-17

Well, £200 quid was initially spent but I did have certain components already.
2TB Western Digital External HDD for storage, and a 16GB Sandisk Cruzer - which I installed XBMC Ubuntu and mounted inside with a usb cable to run as primary boot. I also had a spare keyboard too.

So the above £200 will get you a system which will more than happily cope with 1080p providing that you already have storage.

There's no remote though, but I spent £12.99 (Sainsbury's) on a PS3 remote and a bluetooth dongle for a quid from some pound store.

I will cost up the exact amount I've spent so far when I have time, but the initially planned build will cost as stated, though actually today slightly less as the Lian case has dropped in price since they released a few new models.

Oh, and it'll boot from any usb input. A quick stab at the bluetooth keyboard is enough. The same for most recent ASRock motherboards as far as I can tell.

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