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- BigBellyBilly - 2005-08-16

zap2it users: it appears the data from zap2it is always in gmt and its down to the client to correctly adjust for timezone.
i'm currently testing a fix for this and hope to release it soon.

i'm also improving the reported gui slow-draw reported since v1.06

thanks for your feedback and data files.

nb. the zap2it certificate code for registration is: mytv-9k2n-utg1

- enigma9o7 - 2005-08-16

you're the man! i tried the beta version you sent me and the time is now correct (using zap2it)! thanks a lot, and awesome work on the whole package!

it's great as is, but if i had to make one suggestion, it's to eliminate the waiting time when downloading the schedule. perhaps there could be another script we could put it autoexec.py that could download data automatically in the background upon bootup... anyway thanks a lot for making us this useful application!

- jj5768 - 2005-08-16

might be nice also if the script could check to see if data is available for a channel at a later date, before automatically trying to redownload channel data - eg. for channels which start at 7pm with nothing before... not sure if that can be done, if not, i guess its easy to reduce the http timeout to pick up when its not attached to the internet, or even perhaps get it to ping yahoo or something before attempting to download new channel data ?

- BigBellyBilly - 2005-08-17

v1.07a now on xbmcscripts.com

changelog for this version:
fix. zap2it now displays times according to gmt offset (set gmt value in datasource_zap2it.py)
improved. gui timeline draw speeds (let me know if you see an improvment)

in answer to downloading channels. tbh, i'd not considered anyone not dsl connected at all times. something that should be addressed.

i've also considered gathering additional channel data as a subthread. but its quite a change.
some datasources (such as radiotimes) gets 14 days per dl, which improves its use. a fully loaded zap2it daily download can be ~2.5meg, imaging how long a 7/14 days listing would take. having said that, i could alter the zap2it datasource to be flexible enough for you to enter your prefered number of days to dl at once?

delay auto getting data for channels that have no prior/post programme is tricky to have a reliable rule that determines , regardless of channel and datasource, what constitutes a true channel break.

in short, non of its impossible, so maybe sometime?

- jj5768 - 2005-08-17

sounds good!
will check the refresh rate and let you know

- Asteron - 2005-08-17

(bigbellybilly @ aug. 17 2005,09:05 Wrote:fix. zap2it now displays times according to gmt offset (set gmt value in datasource_zap2it.py)
this fix will likely break in a month when daylight saving time ends. (well the file will require editting twice a year).

doesnt time.timezone and time.daylight work on the xbox?

$ python
python 2.4 (#1, dec 4 2004, 20:10:33)
[gcc 3.3.3 (cygwin special)] on cygwin
type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> import time
>>> time.tzname
('est', 'edt')
>>> (time.daylight*3600-time.timezone)/3600

- BigBellyBilly - 2005-08-18

i agree, that would be a better solution.

any chance someone could test it by amending your datasource_zap2it.py to have:

1) import time
2) change the line
gmt_offset = <your offset in hours>
to be
gmt_offset = (time.daylight*3600-time.timezone)/3600

let me know.

- jj5768 - 2005-08-21

just installed 1.07a - and the refresh is certainly quicker (or so it seems) now, although still slightly noticable when scrolling right, ultimatley its not an issue.

- jj5768 - 2005-08-24

hey bbb

just had a thought thisevening (while setting the tv to record the 7'oclock news) - not sure if this is nebula specific, or more applies across all tv cards supported, but all the same..

repeat recordings - there is currently a dialog set up, pbut perhaps this could be expanded, so you could select one of three options, o - 1. record once, 2. record daily 3. record daily
perhaps using the scroll menu dialog as you use or the main menu ?

does the nova card provide info back that you can get eg. it would be great to list currently set timers, or even a status page for the host pc, but if this is nebula only, then i dont see much of an audience (apart from me :agree: )...

i also saw that there is a mediaportal plug in being developed to allow control of tv scheduling and stuff from xbmc

btw - keymaps - after upgrading, i could no longer use the record button on my remote (keymapped to code 2010 if i remember correctly) to set a recording. i cant figure out the new keymapping and to see if it can pass numbers (as was the case) rather then variables such as number9, number6 etc... in the end i reverted back to an old xbmc which did work. if anyone has any ideas - much apprechiated.

anyway, its cool all the same, its just an idea

- chrislee149 - 2005-08-25

hey, just installed this script. it works excellently, and gives good correct information. that is, until i scroll using the dpad right to see listings in the future. when i scroll back to the present time, the listings are one hour in the future (checked on the actual zap2it site), although the bar at the top lists the correct time.

- BigBellyBilly - 2005-08-25

jj5768: the nebula repeat recordings dialog can certainly be expanded as you suggested. i'll do that. the viewing of scheduled programmes is dependant on info that can be extracted from the nebula http server. i'll look into it.

chrislee149: could you change a line of code in the datasource_zap2it.py file to see if that fixes it ?

Quote:1)add this line at top of script:
import time

2) change the line
gmt_offset = <your offset in hours>
to be
gmt_offset = (time.daylight*3600-time.timezone)/3600

let me know if that helps

- Asteron - 2005-08-25

(bigbellybilly @ aug. 25 2005,04:21 Wrote:could you change a line of code in the datasource_zap2it.py file to see if that fixes it ?

gmt_offset = (time.daylight*3600-time.timezone)/3600
just did it (had trouble downloading the 1.07a version for some reason last week). works well. Smile

like the quicker gui stuff Smile although im not really a big fan of the '>' and '<' marks. those really should be graphics...

i wonder if there is a way to draw different colors for the buttons easily... i might try playing around with the gui one of these days.

ohh i had some issues with the scrolling (i think the algorithm you used was broke or wasnt working well)? like you wouldnt be able to scroll up the right side of the screen very far until you got booted to the left. i changed it up so it only updates the

epglastprogtime on left or right. (your code is remarkably clean btw). i like it a lot better this way. try it out below.


- jj5768 - 2005-08-25

different bars sound an excellent idea – but i guess it would be reliant on matching to a local list of say timers, or matching something in the programme description to a category ?, maybe not the easiest, and perhaps it would have the effect of slowing the redraw down again ?

the arrow icons sound nice – i have been playing with media portal recently, and like their layout etc.. (although not a fan of xmltv or whatever it is they use i could be wrong) – this script does seem more slick in containing everything and not relying on external components…

- Asteron - 2005-08-25

i assume that the xml provides category attribute? i could be wrong there. all buttons the same color just looks kinda bland.

- BigBellyBilly - 2005-08-25

asteron: i see what you've done and i like it. the orginal behaviour was based on how the uk sky epg navigates, so i emulated that and tbh, its was an area that everyone i showed it too had a different opinion on what would be the best movment.
thanks for diving into the code, even i take a deep breath if i've not looked at it for a while.

the < and > arrows could easily be changed for gfx, i'm no artist, so if anyone want to design a couple of shiny alternatives, send me them.

timeline button colours: only zap2it data contains category information (and radiotimes kindof) so it would be unused for all other datasources. even so, the colours could be assigned to category via the menu system. a doable request.

i'm working on a new script, that i'm hoping to link up with mytv. so once thats done i'll give it some more attention.