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Changing the default backdrops - DaMizZa - 2012-04-16 17:25

So I've been playing around trying to get Transparency! set up just right on my puter, and am wondering if it's even possible to change the default backdrops (for example the backdrops used in settings for appearance, skin, etc), and if it is, where I need to be looking to get this done?


RE: Changing the default backdrops - ronie - 2012-04-16 19:20

Settings > Skin Settings > Backgrounds

RE: Changing the default backdrops - DaMizZa - 2012-04-16 19:33

Thanks Ronie! To think it was right under my nose this whole time lol...

RE: Changing the default backdrops - DaMizZa - 2012-04-19 01:32

So I've got another question now, I was replacing images left and right, and came across one I can not for the life of me figure out. I'm looking to replace the settings-skin.jpg image (to replace the thumbnail image for the Settings > Skin thumbnail, but I cannot find settings-skin.jpg anywhere... Is this something I'm not meant to change, or am I just being a noob about this and not looking hard enough?


Nevermind, I should've waited another 5 seconds to post this, I just changed the

<texture diffuse="settings-button-diffuse.png">settings-skin.jpg</texture>

line in Settings.xml to
<texture diffuse="settings-button-diffuse.png">/home/xbmc/Backdrops/skin.jpg</texture>

And it worked... Smile