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Forum ban? - filthycatbox - 2012-04-19

Can one of the moderators please explain to me why I have had 2 posts deleted so far which were attempting to assist someone who was having the same issue as myself??

I would have posted this in the off topic forum, but I now don't have permission to.

RE: Forum ban? - jmarshall - 2012-04-20

Probably need more info. Which threads did you post in? (Note that deleting posts is quite different to banning!)

RE: Forum ban? - filthycatbox - 2012-04-20



I posted in these which were then deleted, I mentioned a ban as I was unable to post in any other sub-forum apart from this until after I posted this thread.

Please delete this thread then.

RE: Forum ban? - jmarshall - 2012-04-20

I see no evidence in the moderator logs that suggest any posts in the threads you link to have been deleted.

Anyway, everything seems back to normal, so let's assume it's a one-off.

BTW: users typically can't post in OffTopic, which is the reason you couldn't post there. For next time, there's a forum for website/forum related issues you could have posted in. I'll move your thread there now.


RE: Forum ban? - filthycatbox - 2012-04-20

Ok, thanks anyway Jonathan