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cdart - mrhyde1969 - 2012-04-22


I am trying to get cdart up and running using the neon skin.Is there a guide that can tell me where to store all my music fanarts and cdarts in? I have manged to get the cd art showing up but all the fanarts that i have collected using cdart manager will not show up randomly as a screen show when I sellect a cd to play...

RE: cdart - Steve_ - 2012-04-23


you can organize your music labrairy like this :
.Artist 1/Album 1
............Album 2
.Artist 2/Album 1
............Album 2

In this way, fanart and artis info will be store in the artist Folder and cdART and cover will be the album folder.

Don't forget to path you Music Librairy !
You go to Settings/Skin/Music and add your Music Librairy. You can also check the first option to have fanart animation.
Personnaly I check "Use the Artist Slide Addon".