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RE: Crunchyroll [2.1.2] - yoshiofthewire - 2015-09-18

2.2 and 15.2 seem to work OK together

RE: Crunchyroll [2.1.2] - Cloutian - 2015-09-19

Yeah, updating from 2.1 to 2.2 definitely fixed my recent issues. I also like the new feature of it telling me how much of an episode has been watched.

If it's not new, it definitely wasn't there before but I'm finding it extremely helpful in the drama shows I've been watching.

RE: Crunchyroll [2.1.2] - yoshiofthewire - 2015-09-25

(2015-09-17, 21:47)tamodolo Wrote: there is a error popping up when I try to see my queue

I have yet to try it, because I am lazy, but I think the issue is either that
A) Something in your Queue is not being handled correctly
B) Your Queue is too big

But I haven't had the drive to load 75+ things in a Queue.

RE: Crunchyroll [2.1.2] - yoshiofthewire - 2015-09-25

Well, what do you know, sorting works now.

Helps if I tell Kodi what to sort by.

RE: Crunchyroll [2.1.2] - Martijn - 2015-09-27

After in stalling the plugin and starting it i got this error http://pastebin.com/5v41ZV64

It's on windows 10 64bit (Kodi 15 and 16)

Seems you already fixed that on github as got no error using that code?

Perhaps an idea to notify user to fill in his name at first start?
You should be able to open the settings dialog from within a plugin as well.

I notticed that you still use spinners in the settings dialog.
You should be able to replace
PHP Code:
which would still work without code alterations and gives the user a nice selection list.

RE: Crunchyroll [2.1.2] - yoshiofthewire - 2015-09-27

Yeah, I found that the 'geteuid' command doesn't work on Windows.
And yeah, the dialog replace makes sense, at least for some of the settings.

RE: Crunchyroll [2.1.2] - avalloneandrea - 2015-09-27

Any chance to see the plugin working without a premium subscription?

RE: Crunchyroll [2.2] - xtearx - 2015-10-16

I'm new to Kodi, but i'm trying to login to Crunchyroll using the app from the Kodi repo, and it only installs 2.1.2, not 2.2. also, it keeps giving me an error when launching it and i have the log available for it.


that's the link it gives me. can anyone help me out? Or if i'm doing something wrong please let me know Smile

RE: Crunchyroll [2.2] - yoshiofthewire - 2015-10-16

2.2 is in Github, but hasn't been pulled in yet.

That is a lot of log.

What are you running on?
Please turn off debugging, it doesn't help me.
If it is Android, 2.2 may "fix" the issue.

And by "fix" I mean, work around it so the plugin works, but makes your Crunchyroll device list 10 miles long.

RE: Crunchyroll [2.2] - xtearx - 2015-10-16

I'm running on Android 4.2.2 API level 17 (kernel 3.0.31+)

I've tried putting the repo as https://github.com/Yoshiofthewire/CrunchyXBMC, but nothing popped up for me so i'm thinking I'm doing something wrong. I went through and turned off debugging and it made another link, idk if it's any shorter :/ http://xbmclogs.com/pbwyzs2ur Sorry for my noobness Confused I'm still toying around with the options to create log files.

RE: Crunchyroll [2.2] - yoshiofthewire - 2015-10-16

So you have to install 2.2 from zip. You would download the zip file from github and the install it from the zip.
And yes, the issue you are seeing is the one all the Android people see,
Kodi can't write to system memory.

2.2 will get around it, but every time you launch the plugin, it will create a new device in your crunchyroll device list.

RE: Crunchyroll [2.2.0] - skiman10 - 2015-10-18

Is it possible to turn off the subtitles that crunchyroll provides? I am native in Japanese and would rather not have any subs going while I watch shows with this plugin.

RE: Crunchyroll [2.2.0] - Scorpius - 2015-10-18

Since today I can't access my queue and I have to watch episodes going directly into the Anime menu and browse the show I want to watch.

This is what I get:

in add_item
                                                '&plot='       + urllib.quote_plus(info['plot']          +'%20')
                                              File "/usr/lib/python2.7/urllib.py", line 1292, in quote_plus
                                                if ' ' in s:
                                            TypeError: argument of type 'NoneType' is not iterable

RE: Crunchyroll [2.2.0] - yoshiofthewire - 2015-10-18

skiman10, the subtitles are not burned in, so you can turn them on in Kodi. Subtitles [Kodi.wiki]

Scorpius, what is in your queue?
There haven't been any changes in that code for a while, it may be with the upgrade something was cleared out.
Do you have a lot of stuff in your Queue?

RE: Crunchyroll [2.2.0] - skiman10 - 2015-10-18

(2015-10-18, 12:53)yoshiofthewire Wrote: skiman10, the subtitles are not burned in, so you can turn them on in Kodi. Subtitles [Kodi.wiki]

I've tried to turn them off, but it seems they are forced or something.

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