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RE: [Release] Crunchyroll Takeout v0.6 (9/8/12) - Fragarach - 2012-10-08

Looking at the genres options it seems that there are more genres available in Takeout than are on the website.............and maybe some missing? Did they make changes? I know the "Seinen/Mature" genre is missing completely on my Takeout...........as are shows within it i.e. Magicians Academy, Chu-Bra, Majikoi Oh, . Doesn't show up in the list of all shows either..............am I missing something? Is this the RSS thing? These show don't have one?

RE: [Release] Crunchyroll Takeout v0.6 (9/8/12) - yoshiofthewire - 2012-10-12

The shows should show either in your queue or in all shows.
Should, some don't, but that is because the show doesn't have an ID.
And they won't without a major overhaul of the app that would make it far more likely to break.

The differences is categories is based on the rss feeds ... that are a bit outdated at this point.

RE: [Release] Crunchyroll Takeout v0.6 (9/8/12) - jangodango - 2012-10-13

Is there any possibility of adding the ability to export shows as strm files like the hulu plugin does?

RE: [Release] Crunchyroll Takeout v0.6 (9/8/12) - yoshiofthewire - 2012-10-13

I am currently working on another project that requires 120% of my brain power.
So, rather than a written response I have decided to reply in Meme form.


RE: [Release] Crunchyroll Takeout v0.6 (9/8/12) - Raidend - 2012-10-24

I been trying to get this to work on a ubuntu 64bit machine everything seems fine but the videos just dont play.

RE: [Release] Crunchyroll Takeout v0.6 (9/8/12) - yoshiofthewire - 2012-10-29

While I don't have a system to test on, I would check your rtms addon.
I know that the atv2 guys need to update that for the plugin to work.
Also, check your log file, please post any relevant code here (by way of pastebin please)
Another thing to check is how videos playback outside of XBMC.
If videos are VERY slow to start playback (like 30 sec.) there is no fix.
Firewalls like the Astaro security gateway can introduce these issues.

RE: [Release] Crunchyroll Takeout v0.6 (9/8/12) - Rockerboy007 - 2012-11-03

Edit: fixed the issue. Thanks.

RE: [Release] Crunchyroll Takeout v0.6 (9/8/12) - Kaos2005 - 2012-11-04


Since about a week ago im getting a weird problem: i cant play any video.
Even tried a clean install of xbmc and crunchyroll takeout, but the same thing keeps hapening.


RE: [Release] Crunchyroll Takeout v0.6 (9/8/12) - yoshiofthewire - 2012-11-09

Sorry, I have been busy.
I was unable to replicate the issue.
I am going to guess you have an Anime membership.
From the log file XBMC is not finding the video for some reason.
A few things to try:
1) set the video to SD and playback a video everyone has access to.
2) check your login information
3) delete the XBMC cashe in your profile

RE: [Release] Crunchyroll Takeout v0.6 (9/8/12) - rcaimi - 2012-11-19

Hi Yoshi

For me the plugin was working fine until last night...

As troubleshoot I just tried:
1) deleted cache (userdata/addon_data/plugin.video.crunchyroll-takeout/cache), restarted xbmc
not working

2) change config to SD
not working

3) deleted cache after changing to SD, restarted xbmc
still not working Sad

my logs follow... (logs after step 3)

Thanks in advance!

11:34:00 T:140502003349248 NOTICE: -->Python Interpreter Initialized<--
11:34:00 T:140502003349248 NOTICE: [PLUGIN] 'CrunchyRollTakeout: version' initialized!
11:34:00 T:140502003349248 ERROR: /home/caimi/.xbmc/addons/plugin.video.crunchyroll-takeout/resources/lib/crunchyDec.py:3: DeprecationWarning: the sha module is deprecated; use the hashlib module instead
import sha
11:34:00 T:140502003349248 ERROR: /home/caimi/.xbmc/addons/script.module.cryptopy/lib/crypto/hash/md5Hash.py:5: DeprecationWarning: the md5 module is deprecated; use hashlib instead
import md5
11:34:00 T:140502003349248 ERROR: /home/caimi/.xbmc/addons/plugin.video.crunchyroll-takeout/resources/lib/crunchy_video.py:22: DeprecationWarning: os.getcwd() currently lies to you so please use addon.getAddonInfo('path') to find the script's root directory and DO NOT make relative path accesses based on the results of 'os.getcwd.'
self.base_cache_path = os.path.join(xbmc.translatePath("special://masterprofile/"), "addon_data", os.path.basename(os.getcwd()))
11:34:00 T:140502003349248 NOTICE: CRUNCHYROLL: --> Attempting to log-in with your user account...
11:34:00 T:140502003349248 NOTICE: CRUNCHYROLL: --> Cookie file doesn't exist; saving new one.
11:34:12 T:140502003349248 NOTICE: 10
11:34:12 T:140502003349248 NOTICE: 102
11:34:12 T:140502003349248 NOTICE: CRUNCHYROLL: --> Playlist is: http://www.crunchyroll.com/xml/?req=RpcApiVideoPlayer_GetStandardConfig&media_id=589574&video_format=102&video_quality=10&auto_play=1&show_pop_out_controls=1
11:34:12 T:140502003349248 NOTICE: CRUNCHYROLL: --> page_url is: http://www.crunchyroll.com/another/episode-2-blueprint-589574
11:34:12 T:140502003349248 NOTICE: CRUNCHYROLL: --> Cache valid: using stored player version...
11:34:12 T:140502003349248 NOTICE: CRUNCHYROLL: --> page_url is: 20121113143627.3b39cdda2f82615db501d81cf0365762
11:34:19 T:140502003349248 NOTICE: Couldn't find App
11:34:19 T:140502003349248 NOTICE: CRUNCHYROLL: --> Attempting to find subtitles...
11:34:19 T:140502003349248 NOTICE: CRUNCHYROLL: --> Found subtitles. Continuing...
11:34:19 T:140502003349248 NOTICE: False
11:34:19 T:140502003349248 NOTICE: CRUNCHYROLL: --> Attempting to decrypt subtitles...
11:34:20 T:140502003349248 NOTICE: CRUNCHYROLL: --> Success! Subtitles decrypted.
11:34:20 T:140502633052064 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting plugin://plugin.video.crunchyroll-takeout/?url=None&mode=episode&name=Another+-+Episode+2%3A+Blueprint&id=589574&resolutions=12&page_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.crunchyroll.com%2Fanother%2Fepisode-2-blueprint-589574&icon=http%3A%2F%2Fimg1.ak.crunchyroll.com%2Fi%2Fspire1-tmb%2Ffb3029ec4ecc1a392940938cea506cc81325125989_large.jpg&plot=Fascinated+Kouichi+speaks+to+Mei+whenever+he+sees+her%2C+but+she+never+answers+his+questions+and+only+responds+with+words+of+caution+such+as+%22You+should+be+careful.%22+His+classmates+can%27t+hide+their+bewilderment+at+Kouichi%27s+behavior.+Still%2C+wanting+to+know+more%2C+he+decides+to+follow+Mei+after+school.+When+he+ends+up+in+a+certain+residential+area+that+evening%2C+there+he+finds...
11:34:20 T:140502633052064 ERROR: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory(plugin://plugin.video.crunchyroll-takeout/?url=None&mode=episode&name=Another+-+Episode+2%3A+Blueprint&id=589574&resolutions=12&page_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.crunchyroll.com%2Fanother%2Fepisode-2-blueprint-589574&icon=http%3A%2F%2Fimg1.ak.crunchyroll.com%2Fi%2Fspire1-tmb%2Ffb3029ec4ecc1a392940938cea506cc81325125989_large.jpg&plot=Fascinated+Kouichi+speaks+to+Mei+whenever+he+sees+her%2C+but+she+never+answers+his+questions+and+only+responds+with+words+of+caution+such+as+%22You+should+be+careful.%22+His+classmates+can%27t+hide+their+bewilderment+at+Kouichi%27s+behavior.+Still%2C+wanting+to+know+more%2C+he+decides+to+follow+Mei+after+school.+When+he+ends+up+in+a+certain+residential+area+that+evening%2C+there+he+finds...) failed

RE: [Release] Crunchyroll Takeout v0.6 (9/8/12) - yoshiofthewire - 2012-11-24

I can't replicate the issue but I am looking in to it. (I asked for help)

Also, check out the CR (Black Friday) deal of the day!
$50 (50% off) 1 year CR all access membership.

The more money they make, the more stuff we watch!

RE: [Release] Crunchyroll Takeout v0.6 (9/8/12) - yoshiofthewire - 2012-11-25

I think all these issues may be on CR's end.
It looks like they have an issue with their CDN which is causing playback issues.

I am looking for confirmation on this.
If anyone having issues would please try to access CR in a browser to see what happens it would help.
Today a Stream wouldn't playback for me on the site, which is why I think it is related.
The problem is the flash player is more fault tolerant. XBMC will see no more data and fail.

RE: [Release] Crunchyroll Takeout v0.6 (9/8/12) - rcaimi - 2012-11-25

I just watched two episodes today (in chrome). Both 720p. All them running fine!

RE: [Release] Crunchyroll Takeout v0.6 (9/8/12) - v1n1c1uS - 2012-11-28

(2012-11-04, 00:59)Kaos2005 Wrote: Hello.

Since about a week ago im getting a weird problem: i cant play any video.
Even tried a clean install of xbmc and crunchyroll takeout, but the same thing keeps hapening.


I am having the same problem. No playback in any resolution. PC browser and tablet are ok

Send from Motorola XOOM

RE: [Release] Crunchyroll Takeout v0.6 (9/8/12) - yoshiofthewire - 2012-12-02

Anyone having this issue. What is time it takes from pressing play on the website to the video playing?
Is it more than say 5 seconds?

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