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Extrafanart problem ?? - 999unreal - 2012-04-23


If the following two types of TVSHOW exists in the library,
there is a case fanart is not displayed.
Is this bug caused by XBMC Core?

type1:Types that holds the extrafanart to TVSHOW.
type2:Types that do not have an extrafanart to TVSHOW.

If you select by title TVSHOW, no problem.(tvshowtitles)
Occur if you select by genre TVSHOW.(tvshowgenres)

TVSHOW exists in a separate genre, after displaying the first type1, type2 to display the next.
In this case, the fan art is not displayed.
(In the case of the same genre, no problem.)
(If it were displayed the first type2 is not a problem.)

Example: (made by Ember Media Manager)
type1:Tvshows/The Walking Dead/extrafanart/fanart.jpg   ---More than one fanart
                              /Season 1/fanart.jpg      ---season fanart
                                       /The Walking Dead.s01e01.avi
                              /Season 2/fanart.jpg
                                       /The Walking Dead.s02e01.avi
                                       /The Walking Dead.s00e01.avi

type2:Tvshows/Touch (2012)/Touch (2012).s01e01.avi

The Walking Dead---Action and Adventure / Drama
Touch (2012)-------Drama / Science-Fiction

    :Flatten TV shows - never

SKIN:Transparency! svn1302
    :TV shows - use season fanart
    :TV shows - use extrafanart    

@select by title(no problem)
home >tvshow >1.show level(OK) >select(type2) >2.season level(OK) >select(season 1) >3.episode level(OK)

@select by genre
home >tvshow submenu(genre) >4.genre select(Action and Adv.) >5.type1 displayed >back to genre select(BackSpace KEY)
>6.genre select(Science-Fic.) >type2 displayed(7.show level(NG)) >select(type2) >8.season level(NG) >select(season 1) >9.episode level(OK)

sorry bad english.


RE: Extrafanart problem ?? - ronie - 2012-04-23

thanx, i was able to reproduce it.

i'll check if it fixable skin side,
but most often these weird bugs are caused by xbmc.

RE: Extrafanart problem ?? - 999unreal - 2012-04-24

Thank you for checking.

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